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Excuse me while I sail away with ALL the stripe styles that are out to play this Summer. I’ve actually never been sailing – sad, right? However, when I do, I imagine navy and white stripe ensembles are a DEF must.

beach styles, beach stripes

Although a sailing adventure would be nice, there’s no need for one in order to wear stripes. This season they are the go-to statement for any type of rendezvous. Yes, if you’re wondering, I am wearing a striped dress while writing this blog post. 😉

women's stripe dress

What I love most about this Summer fave is that you can wear it in many ways while sparking a variety of vibes: relaxed, globe-trotting, retro or playful.

Since I’m a comfy chic obsessed kind of gal, I tend to reach for the more carefree stripped styles – a collection mix of soft blues, whites, blacks and grays. R&R feels allllllll day.

So, if you’re coming down with striped outfit fever…these striped patterns are just what the doctor ordered.


These striped looks are superb for your lazy hazy days or fun-filled adventures you have planned for this season.


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