Bring It! Liftetime Television’s big hit show is coming to The Fox Theatre on June 29th! Bring It! Live is a high-energy performance complete with complex routines, masterful coordination, and of course, the incomparable Miss D. With Miss D’s impeccable direction, Bring It! Live will leave you on the edge of your seat waiting for more. They completed their 2016 tour and have promised that this year’s tour is going to be bigger than ever. I spoke with Miss D about what to expect and their excitement about coming back to Atlanta.

Wendell: How excited is everyone to come back to Atlanta?

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Miss D: Atlanta is only six hours from us, and I say that because we drive to Atlanta all of the time! We love The Fox Theatre. We had a ball there and the energy from the crowd was just great. We’re looking forward to coming back. And this time is special because we’re opening our DollHouse Studio in Atlanta in October! So we’re really excited. 

Wendell: Can we expect anything new and exciting this time around?

Miss D: There are four different parts of the show that are beyond exciting. Can’t say exactly what they are, but the show itself is spectacular. We’re going to do things that will leave everyone’s jaw on the floor. The moves we do are crazy, but they’re always willing to try them. Creativity and the flow of the show will definitely keep it exciting. The lighting is way different. The moves are bigger. If you thought last year was amazing, this year is going to be INSANE! My son will be on the tour with me this year too. 

Wendell: When you see the growth of your students (and your son), how in the world does that make you feel?

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Miss D: It makes me feel proud, but scared. Sitting back and seeing my company and studio grow and how the team evolves? It’s just mind-boggling and mind-blowing. It an experience that I thought would never happen. This opportunity can be taken away from you at any time. Hip-Hop dance style is a style that doesn’t have a legitimate definition; it’s kind of hard to categorize us. You can’t place us in a box, and that’s what makes it amazing. We don’t want to be like anyone else, and for that we’re thankful.


Bring It! Live hits the Fox Theatre on June 29th for one night only! Get your tickets here! DD4L!!!


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-Wendell Scott