Hey beach babes, fun in the sun, sand and sea is this way! Whether you’re flying to a tropical island getaway or catching a quick ride to Florida’s coast, getting ready for a beach adventure is way too much fun.

I tend to start the outfit prep about two to three months out. I know, I know. I’m only making sure I cover my bases, because, if you’re a busy working lady like me, beach vacays only happen a few times a year (if I’m lucky).

With only a limited window for Summer beach days, it’s mucho crucial to include all the key style players before they run their course this season. I’m looking at you my new and improved beach hat and sunnies. Aside from the sunscreen and beach towels, here’s what to pack when you go beach’n this Summer:


And, the winner you should absolutely have packed is this ensemble (I’ve already bought mine 😉 ).

Why I love it: Knit & palms for that relaxed breezy evening on your trip.
Happy packing and…. Aloha, beaches! 😉


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