“Lian Yu” or Season Finale

Previously on Arrow: Adrian Chase, the former DA who was secretly “Prometheus”, the costumed criminal who was dubbed the “Throwing Star Killer” in the press, has been captured by Team Arrow and is in custody. The team feels they have some much needed R&R coming since there are no threats on the horizon. But, it turns out their vacation plans are a tad premature; one by one team members are disappearing. Turns out that Adrian had a contingency plan and had his allies kidnap Team Arrow while he was in custody. When confronted by Ollie, Adrian tells him that if he’s allowed to go free he will in turn release Team Arrow. Ollie’s not having it – until he discovers that his own son William, who was thought to be safe in hiding, was also kidnapped by Adrian. Seeing no way around it, Oliver, along with Malcolm Merlyn, take down those guarding Adrian allowing him to escape but not before he leaves a cryptic clue as to where he’ll be. Adrian and his captives are on the island where Oliver Queen was trapped all those years ago. Knowing he can’t take on Adrian and his henchman alone, Oliver recruits Malcolm Merlyn, Nyssa Al Ghoul and the previously incarcerated Slade Wilson, aka Deathstroke, to help him rescue his friends.

The season finale begins with Oliver and his allies on Lian Yu (Mandarin for purgatory), the island where Oliver was marooned for several years and the current home to Slade Wilson, aka Deathstroke, who has been in custody by A.R.G.U.S. since his capture by The Arrow several years before. Once upon a time the duo were compatriots until Deathstroke killed Ollie’s mum. Knowing he can’t face Chase alone, Oliver is willing to overlook the fact that he’s an orphan due to Slade’s action. Also imprisoned on the island is Digger Harkness, aka Captain Boomerang, who Oliver also recruits to his side.

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Ollie, Malcolm, Nyssa Al Ghoul (former girlfriend of Sarah Lance and sister to Talia who’s on Team Chase) and the recently released Harkness and Slade search the island for the missing Team Arrow members when they come upon a clearing with Thea, Curtis, Felicity and Oliver’s baby mama Samantha in cages. When they get closer they notice no guards; before they can break the caged folks out, Talia Al Ghoul and Artemis (former Team Arrow member) drop out of the trees springing their trap along with an additional surprise – Captain Boomerang pulls out a hidden gun and trains it on Oliver. Seems he was first contacted by Chase who made him an offer he couldn’t refuse.

Digger asks Slade what side he’s on; he briefly pretends to betray Oliver but it was all a ruse to get close to disarm Digger. The tides quickly turn when Malcolm & Nyssa arrive but Digger and Talia escape leaving Artemis behind.

Because Oliver knows he has to face Chase he wants to ensure that Felicity and the rest are safe so he asks Merlyn to get them all off the island while he searches for the remaining members of Team Arrow with Slade and Nyssa. Speaking of the missing members, they’re being held in a castle on the island by the Laurel Lance doppleganger who goes by the name “Black Siren”.  Donna, the new Black Canary, tries to free herself and her teammates but there’s a sonic damper in the room that won’t allow her to utilize her powers.

Back in the woods, Malcolm is leading the way to freedom as he & Thea work through their daddy/daughter issues. In the midst of their argument there’s a “click” as Thea walks and she stops dead in her tracks; seems she’s stepped on a land mine. There’s a debate as to how to free Thea from this situation when Malcolm just knocks her out of the way stepping on the mine himself, maintaining the pressure. There’s a brief, touching moment between the two when Thea realises Malcolm is willing to sacrifice himself for her but it’s short lived as they have to press on to escape their pursuers, leaving Malcolm behind.

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Oliver and his band make it to the castle where the rest of the team is being held when they’re confronted by Black Siren.  Once again Slade “betrays” Oliver knocking him out but once again this was a ruse so that Ollie could be captured and be taken to his team. Once he’s with the rest of Team Arrow, Oliver gives Dinah, aka the new Black Canary, the sonic amplifier Curtis made for her. This allows her to use her powers to free herself and her teammates. As reunited Team Arrow makes their way through the castle, Chase and his group show up.

Back in the woods, Malcolm is soon confronted by Digger and his group who finds it kinda odd that Malcolm is just standing there. Malcolm’s like, “Let me show you why” and off camera, as we zoom in on Felicity and crew, there’s an explosion in the background. Thea suddenly realises that as much as she hated her father, he sacrificed himself for her and breaks down in tears. They soon make it to the plane that brought them to the island only to discover that it has been sabotaged and won’t fly. They also discover that the entire island has been booby trapped with mines and that the trigger is a “dead-man” switch triggered in to Chase. That means, if he dies, the bombs go off.

In the castle, face to face with Chase, Oliver’s main concern is finding out where his son William is. Chase is like “Nahh dog, you gonna have to kill me” then an all-out melee ensues. Oliver takes on Chase; the Al Ghoul sisters battle each other; Diggle, Wild Dog and Quentin Lance take on the henchmen and in the coolest battle of them all, Black Canary takes on Black Siren in a shouting match that would put any political debate to shame.

As expected, Team Arrow is victorious. The defeated Chase, however, has one more ace up his sleeve: he tells Oliver that William is dead fully expecting to be killed. Ollie lets him know that A) he doesn’t believe him and B) even if true, he’s not that guy anymore. Not getting what he expected Chase escapes with Oliver in hot pursuit. They make their way down to a dock where Chase boards a boat he has waiting. Oliver is able to jump on it and the duo fight with Oliver once again getting the best of Adrian. Yet again there’s a surprise; William isn’t dead after all and Adrian uses him as a shield giving Oliver this ultimatum: Kill me and save your son but the island explodes killing everyone you love OR sacrifice William and take me in to custody saving your friends. Oliver takes option C and shoots a non-lethal blow at Chase allowing William to run to dad.

On their communication device Felicity let’s Oliver know about the sabotaged plane and that they’re stuck but he tells them about an A.R.G.U.S. boat on the other side of the island they need to high-tail it to. Next thing you know, Chase pulls out a gun, shoots himself in the head thus detonating the bombs on the island.

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Is this the end of Team Arrow? Will they escape the fiery explosions? We’ll just have to wait until Season 6 in the Fall. Enjoy the Summer, and watch Atlanta’s CW for other, entertaining programs.