It’s finale time, so let’s get right into it!

Bait and Switch

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HR arrives with a gun, but he’s too late! As a result, Barry sobs holding Iris, but shockingly, two drumsticks drop and HR reveals himself using the facial transmogrifier. What appears to be HR calls Joe “dad” and unmask the true identity of Iris. So when did they manage to switch? At the end of last episode we saw a particular shot of HR looking at the lone piece of the Savitar suit salvaged by Jessie Quick in her brief bout. We know the piece automatically tries to reattach itself, so HR followed it’s gravitational pull to Savitar’s hideout. HR clumsily lets go of the piece and alerts Future Flash that he and Iris are escaping.  As Future Flash closes in, HR seizes a small window of opportunity where they are blocked from view to switch identities with Iris.

Tracy leans over HR as he lays dying on the ground confessing his love. Unfortunately, that’s one love story that’ll never develop, yet before HR dies, he tells Barry some final words he would like relayed to Cisco. At some point (we don’t quite know when) Savitar took the Speed Bazooka and rushed to where Killer Frost battles Cisco. He demands that she keep him alive. They head back to Savitar’s lair where her has a brief memory flash and realizes he was bamboozled.

A Changing Future

The crew runs back to the time vault to check the byline of the news story. It has returned to Iris West-Allen. Julian returns -where the hell has he been- and is greeted with the unfortunate news that HR died. Team Flash begins theorizing about how the changing future affects Savitar. Ultimately they determine he has a few hours before the paradox erases him from existence. Later Julian reveals he was working with Caitlin’s mom to develop a cure for Killer Frost.

Future Flash commands Cisco to alter the Speed Bazooka so that he can enact his backup plan. Cisco declines, so Future Flash threatens him with the phase hand; yet instead of killing Cisco, he says Killer Frost is the real target. He then remembers that Julian arrives with a cure for Killer Frost and uses Caitlin’s future as collateral to manipulate Cisco.

Barry has a conversation with Iris where he tells her about the advice Cold gave him. Although he wants to channel his anger to generate a solution, he is convicted by Cold’s advice to stick to his goodness and plans to do the last thing Savitar would expect.

Barry then confronts Future Flash to tell him that he wants to help.  Attempting to reach out to the Barry within, Barry tells Future Flash about “their” favorite memory of a time shared with their mom and dad. The story strikes a chord and Future Flash accompanies Barry to Star Labs. Team flash erupts with disbelief and disapproval, but Iris approaches Future Flash and make a gentle gesture to his scar before telling him they they are gonna help him. Tracy is chosen as the most likely candidate able to help Savitar, but she wants nothing to do with helping him since he killed HR.

A Thin Line Between Love and Hate

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Future Flash interrogates Barry about what they have planned after they save him. He starts to second guess going through with Team Flash’s plan. Nevertheless, he leaves to get Cisco and Killer Frost. Once he leaves a portal begins to form. Wally escorts everybody to safety, and Barry does the same for Iris a mere seconds before the Philosophers Stone erupts.

While alone with Killer Frost, Cisco says he finished modifying the gun and tells her that Savitar will turn on her. Savitar returns to collect the gun and tells Killer Frost to handle Cisco, so she hurls an ice attack his way. A random portal forms and Gypsy (Cisco’s bounty hunting crush) appears and transports him to safety.

Savitar and Killer Frost head to a park where Savitar rapidly runs in a circle to create a portal. Since the speed force doesn’t like when speedsters disrupt the timeline, he needs her to freeze and shatter the time wraith that appears. Afterwards, Savitar stands in front of the portal and Killer Frost shoots him with the modified Speed Bazooka. Initially Savitar’s body begins recreating itself into multiple versions but Old Man Speedy (Jay Garrick version of the flash played by Barry’s dad) jumps out the portal and thwarts his plans to become a “god” because Cisco actually modified the gun to unlock the speed force. Cisco, Gypsy, Barry, Wally, and Old Man Speedy take on Savitar and Killer frost in a showdown of titans.

Killer Frost launches an ice wave their way so that Savitar can escape. Savitar fleas at breakneck speed before launching himself into a super jump  where he  creates enough space to blast Wally and Barrry. Meanwhile, Gypsy and Cisco take control off their battle with Killer Frost. Once they render her useless Cisco has the opportunity to kill Killer Frost but instead gives her the antidote. Savitar then snatches Cisco by the throat and dials up the infamous phase hand, but Killer Frost blasts him with an ice wave and frees Cisco. Barry rushes in for a speedy take-down and gets clothes-lined harder than a wrestler running off the ropes in a WWE event. Savitar begins walking away, which prompts Barry to dash behind him and phase his way into the Savitar turning the electric blue color to a burning red. Future Flash is kicked out of the suit, so Barry pummels him with a few blows and brings him to his knees. Future Flash begs Barry to kill him, but he doesn’t. Instead, he phased his way out of the Savitar and destroys it. Barry then walks away, and as he does Future Flash tries to zip in for an attack. A gun fires, revealing Iris as the shooter, and kills Future Flash, so the speedforce absorbs his dead body.

His Race is Over

In the aftermath, Team Flash attends HR’s funeral eulogized by Iris. Barry approaches Cisco to relay HR’s dying words; “this took strength and HE gave it to me.” From a distance, Killer Frost watches, but the team discovers her. She gives back the antidote saying that she isn’t Killer Frost, but she is also not Caitlin and needs to discover her identity on her own.

After the funeral Barry and Iris return to their loft. Since stress is now gone, Iris shows Barry the wedding invitations she created should she actually be alive to get married. Barry zips away to deliver them and returns with the engagement ring. A massive lightning storm erupts generating earthquake-like effects. The team determines that the Speed Force returned because it no longer has an occupant. Barry says his goodbyes and Barry’s mother steps out the Speedforce to claim him.

So all this time, Barry vigilantly tried to not lose Iris just for her to lose him instead. What a strange turn of events. Although, this is the finale, its hard not to look forward. What is the Flash going to do without….THE FLASH?!? Tune in to Atlanta’s CW in the fall for answers.

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– Taylor Gibson