“Missing” or Chase is not Over

Previously on Arrow: Prometheus, the costumed criminal who was secretly the city’s District Attorney Adrian Chase, is on the run. Defense attorneys throughout the city filed motions to have their client’s cases overturned and several were released from prison pending new trials. One of the criminals was Samson, a strong almost invulnerable criminal who worked with Chase to release a deadly chemical attack against the city. Team Arrow stopped them and Ollie, in a one on one battle with Chase beat him, not with brawn but with his brain, convincing Adrian that his mission to avenge his father is all for naught since his father planned to disown him. Distraught, Chase asked that he be killed by Oliver who knocked him out instead and had him taken in to custody, thus rehabilitating the image of the “Green Arrow” in the eyes of the public.

ar515b 0310b1 Arrow 5/17 Recap

Photo: Diyah Pera/The CW

Our show begins at city hall with Mayor Queen, his sister Thea and Deputy Mayor Quentin Lance basking in the glow of victory after preventing Adrian Chase [aka Prometheus, aka the “Throwing Star Killer”] and his cronies from attacking the city. Quentin, however, can’t tarry for long as he’s on the hunt for Rene, aka “Wild Dog” who missed a court hearing for custody over his daughter. Before Quentin leaves, he wishes His Honor a “happy birthday”.

Thea & Ollie then reminisce about how they haven’t been able to celebrate birthdays in some time what with all the crime fighting. Thea wants to know what her big bro has planned for his special day, and he says he has a date but is coy with the deets (what she DOESN’T know is that Ollie and his former fiancée Felicity have slowly been rekindling their relationship).

ar522b 0221b Arrow 5/17 Recap

Photo: Katie Yu/The CW

Expecting a romantic one-on-one date, Oliver shows up at Felicity’s place only to discover it was a surprise party instead with Team Arrow (Minus Rene and Dinah Drake, aka “Black Canary”). The team enjoy their down-time and talk about what their plans are now that the major threat to the city (Prometheus) has been handled. Diggle plans to take his son fishing and Ollie plans to buy – socks. After awhile the team makes themselves scarce so Oliver & Felicity can make goo-goo eyes at each other and talk about their potential future together.

When the party is over, Curtis makes his way to Dinah’s house to gift her a device she can use with her sonic powers. While he’s en route, he and Felicity engage in some girl talk. Once he arrives at Dinah’s he immediately notices something is amiss as there are obvious signs of a break-in. Curtis being Curtis, keeps Felicity on the phone while he enters the place rather loudly announcing himself to any potential burglars.  Then out of the shadows an unknown assailant knocks Curtis out.

ar522b 0079b Arrow 5/17 Recap

Photo: Katie Yu/The CW

Diggle and Oliver show up after being notified by Felicity (aka “Overwatch) only to find Curtis AND Dinah missing. One thing they do find is an arrow Oliver believes belongs to Talia Al Ghoul. Ollie knows the ONLY reason she would be involved is because of Adrian. Oliver takes a trip to the facility were Chase is being held to confront him; and Adrian makes no secret that he knows what’s going on and that it’s part of his plan.

Under siege with now THREE teammates missing, Oliver moves to keep his remaining friends and family safe. He orders Thea & Quentin to go in to protective custody while he and Felicity remain in the bunker to try to determine Adrian’s next move.

Thea and Quentin are stashed in a not so safe house that’s soon under attack. They’re told by one of their protectors to stay put while he investigated a disturbance but you KNOW that wasn’t about to happen. The duo find several guards who’d been rendered unconscious by tranquilizer darts. They then see someone moving through the house and they follow. Quentin orders the person to come out of hiding and he sees his daughter Laurel, the original Black Canary who just so happens to be dead, murdered by Legion of Doom member Damian Darhk last season. Only it’s not the “real” Laurel but her doppelganger from Earth 2 who is known as “Black Siren”. Suitably distracted, Quentin and Thea are both knocked out by tranq darts and taken in to captivity.

The remaining members of Team Arrow – at this point just Ollie, Diggle and Felicity – show up, again a step or three too late. Oliver realizes that Chase is in his head and knows what he will do. So to keep his remaining friends safe, Ollie tells Diggle and Felicity to just go far away so nobody knows where they are while he deals with the Chase situation alone.

In the Arrow Lair alone, Oliver is visited by Malcolm Merlyn, another member of the Legion who’s a trained assassin like Ollie and oh by the way is father to his sister Thea (Malcolm & Oliver’s mom had an affair years ago producing Thea unbeknownst to everyone until recently). Despite all his faults and their currently strained relationship, Malcolm is genuinely concerned about Thea’s well-being and offers to help Oliver get her and the rest of his team back.

Meanwhile, Diggle and Felicity hit the road like an odd-couple Thelma & Louise. They discuss the events going on and just as they’ve decided to turn the car around so they can go help Oliver, a ninja shows up out of nowhere causing them to wreck. Soon the duo are surrounded by a cadre of ninjas and are also taken captive.

ar522b 0150b Arrow 5/17 Recap

Photo: Katie Yu/The CW

It’s decided to transfer Chase to another facility for which Oliver is on hand for. Chase tries to make a deal: let him go and his friends will live. Oliver is like, “yeah right” and let’s Chase be lead away by guards. As he’s leaving Adrian says “Yo, check your phone” and sure enough Oliver gets a call.  He then sees a video of his young son in captivity asking for help. Oliver now realises he’s got no choice but to let Chase escape.

Oliver and Malcolm attack Chase’s guards and before Adrian escapes in the helicopter, he tells Oliver to meet him at the ship. Oliver realizes what this means and that he’ll need even more help than Malcolm so he calls in a favor from the OTHER Al Ghoul sister and visits his old nemesis Deathstroke in confinement. You see, Oliver has to go to the island where he was marooned for 5 years which is where we see Adrian and his team holding Team Arrow.

Will Oliver and crew be able to rescue Team Arrow? Tune in next week to the ATLCW at 8:00 p.m. Wednesday to find out what further shenanigans Chase will put our heroes through. Be sure to follow @ATLCW and @ATLBlerd on Twitter, so we can live tweet the show.


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