Time quickly wanes as Iris’ demise rapidly approaches. Tracy finished building the speed cannon, but can Barry secure the power source? More importantly will it be enough to stop an omnipotent Savitar? Brace yourself because events start happening sooner than expected.

24 hours until Iris dies has Team Flash anxious and saddened by what’s to come. While laying in bed, Iris asks Barry to get some some caviar – which is almost like a final wish. Barry zips away to get her food so Iris grabs his phone and begins recording a personal message.

Unlikely Alliance

Cisco calls Barry to tell him he located a power source for the Speed Bazooka. Unfortunately when they approach Lila, the director of A.R.G.U.S, about acquiring the power source she turns them down stating that she doesn’t trust them with it. As she walks away, Barry comes clean as to why he he needs it, but she still declines to lend her help. Barry is outraged, so he begins formulating a plan to steal it. Cisco researches the facility and discovers they have power dampeners to stop metahumans, which essentially makes it impossible for Barry to phase his way in. Barry isn’t exactly a thief, so he time travels to recruit Captain Cold and his “particular set of skills.” – shoutout to the movie Taken. Cold agrees under the condition that they follow his rules, so Team Flash reluctantly acquiesces to his leadership.

Make the plan, Execute the Plan…

Joe and Wally take Iris to seek refuge in Earth 2, preventing Barry from knowing her location. Smart Snart (Cold) and Barry initiate their plan by sending Cold as a prisoner to Argus. Barry impersonates Lila using HR’s transmogrifyer technology and passes 2 of the 3 verification steps before being forced to get violent with security. They make way to where the power source, which is protected by a super-powered safeguard that Cold breaches in a matter of seconds. King Shark guards the power source as the last defense layer. Initially, Barry demands Snart’s cold gun, but instead of using the gun to kill King Shark, they lower his room’s temperature to lull a partially warm blooded shark to sleep. Cold takes a fitting jab at the shows budget for King Shark’s graphics before they make way to the power source. Upon Barry getting his hands on it, the security door shuts. Barry slides through, but Snart is trapped on the other side. Cisco manages to hack the door, yet Lila confronts them as Barry and Cold abscond. Although they were going to steal the technology, Lila gives them the power source because she couldn’t idly stand by knowing that Iris’ life hangs in the balance.

You See the Good in Me

Barry takes Cold back to the point in time where he came from and they briefly discuss their partnership. Snart says they work well together because he sees the bad in Barry while Barry sees the good in him. Before Snart departs, he leaves Barry a tidbit of advice; “Stop trying to beat Savitar at his own game, your goodness is your strength” – please let this be foreshadowing.

Iris and Joe have a [cute] private conversation where they reveal a couple of secrets from Iris’ teenage years. The conversation progresses to Joe singing a song, the two of them dancing, and exchanging I love yous before culminating with Iris giving her engagement ring Joe for safe keeping – little did Barry know THAT’S why she wasn’t wearing a ring in his initial vision of her death.

HR tells Tracy he didn’t have a clear sense of purpose/belonging until her arrival, so he asks her to join Team Flash, which is an offer she gladly accepts.

Future Flash works to repair his suit as Killer Frost approaches him to ask if he’s really gonna murder Iris. Killer Frost applies a reverse psychology approach of his known [or implied] history with Iris [since he is technically from the future] to prick his brain and see if he has the heart to kill his longtime best friend. He tells her he’s committed to the plan and needs her to stick to her role.

You Can Run But You Can’t Hide

After fixing his suit, Savitar heads to Star Labs and tricks HR into telling him where they stashed Iris. He immediately heads to Earth 2. Wally tries to defend Iris and puts up a decent fight before the tides turn resulting in Savitar breaking his leg. Joe and HR launch a barrage of bullets that disable the Savitar suit, so Scarface Future Flash reveals himself and claims Iris before Barry could arrive.

Infantino Street

There’s 53 minutes before Savitar is slated to kill Iris. Barry suggest they head to Infantino Street and prepare for Savitar’s arrival. He then departs so he remains unaware of Team Flash’s plan. HR melts down and belittles himself for failing to have a lasting impact and giving away Iris’ location. Cisco gets ready to head to Infantino Street but receives a vibe/summon from Killer Frost.

Cisco and Killer Frost engage in an instantaneous battle -it appears her part of Savitar’s plan is to keep Cisco distracted.

Meanwhile, Savitar arrives with Iris. Barry grabs the Speed Bazooka and misses a few times before managing to entangle Savitar. The cannon halts his progress but ultimately fails to the defense of the Philosophers Stone. At this point, Savitar snatches Iris to deal the death blow. Time slows as Barry tries to save her from impalement, and the private video Iris recorded on Barry’s phone plays revealing that she accepts Barry as her lawfully wedded husband until death do them part. Unfortunately, [it appears] death came rather soon.

Is Iris really dead? The deepest parts of my soul cling to the rapidly fading idea that Team Flash had a trick up their sleeve. Nevertheless, prepare for next week’s finale at 8 on Atlanta’s CW.

-Taylor Gibson


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