“Honor Thy Fathers” or Daddy Issues

Previously on Arrow: Felicity and Oliver were trapped in the Arrow Lair due to an EMP set off by Prometheus, the costumed criminal who was secretly the city’s District Attorney Adrian Chase. The rest of Team Arrow manage to help Felicity and Ollie out of the bunker. Meanwhile Chase, whose alter-ego has been outted to the world, is on the run, last seen with Oliver’s son!!

Our show begins in City Hall with Mayor Queen and his deputy Quentin Lance discussing the multitude of cases that have to be retried due to Chase’s criminal activity. This was a defense attorney’s dream! Suddenly, a geared up officer approaches the mayor and tells him he has to evacuate the building because a suspicious package had been delivered to his office. Ollie, undeterred, makes his way to the office to find a huge crate that Chase had delivered there. The police wanted to wait on a bomb disposal team, but Ollie grabs a crowbar and cracks it open to discover a long-dead body.

Forensics does an analysis of the body and discovers it’s the remains of former city councilman who’s been missing and presumed dead for 15 years. Along with discovering the identity of the corpse, they also found DNA under the fingernails that supposedly belonged to Oliver’s father.

Team Arrow has it’s own mission: monitoring the worst of the worst of the previously convicted criminals who were released on bail pending retrial, namely a guy named Sampson. During a previous season, Sampson was dipped in a vat of chemicals that made him immune to pain and practically invulnerable.

ar521a 0051b Arrow 5/10 Recap

Photo: Robert Falconer/The CW

Back at City Hall, Mayor Queen is in the middle of a meeting when his sister Thea (the costumed fighter “Speedy”) returns after a sabbatical to try to find herself. In another part of the building Renee, aka Wild Dog, serves as the assistant to Deputy Mayor Lance and the two have bonded over the fact that they’re both fathers to daughters. Quentin lost of one his to Damian Dahrk and Renee has lost his to the foster care system due to a mishap not long after his wife was murdered. Quentin has been counselling Renee to try to fight to regain custody of his daughter, which he finally seems ready to do and a court hearing will be held the next day that he asks Quentin to be there with him.

While the police department did its investigation on the newly discovered body, Felicity did her own. She was able to determine that the cement the body was buried in had a particular mineral content located in one part of the city. With this clue, Ollie and Diggle investigate the area which was an old Queen company building, long since abandoned. As the duo search floor by floor they activate a booby trap falling through a floor into a room that quickly begins to fill up with concrete.

ar521b 0121b Arrow 5/10 Recap

Photo: Jack Rowand/The CW

ar521b 0152b Arrow 5/10 Recap

Photo: Jack Rowand/The CW

Seeing no way out, Ollie calls Felicity (aka “Overwatch”) asking for assistance. Felicity contacts Curtis (aka Mr. Terrific) who’s keeping an eye on Sampson with Tina Boland (aka “Black Canary”). Curtis and Tina make it to the building in time to prevent Diggle and Ollie from becoming a permanent part of the fixtures.

ar521b 0171b Arrow 5/10 Recap

Photo: Jack Rowand/The CW

Knowing that Chase was the one who sent the body, Team Arrow is trying to find a connection between him, the deceased councilman, and Oliver’s dad. They somehow find the lawyer for Chase’s dad (Adrian’s sole motivation and hatred towards Oliver stems from the latter having killed Chase’s dad when he first became the Green Arrow).

The lawyer provided Oliver with a thumb drive that he received from Adrian. Ollie had no plans on viewing it, but Thea watched it and told Oliver he REALLY needs to see what was on it. Turns out, it was security footage from the building he’d just recently escaped from 15 years in the past that showed a physical confrontation between the councilman and Queen the Elder. He really was responsible for the councilman’s death although it could have been ruled an accident. The elder Queen, however, had the security tape and evidence scrubbed (outside of this lost thumb drive).

ar521a 0151b1 Arrow 5/10 Recap

Photo: Robert Falconer/The CW

The team is still tracking Sampson, who was busy acquiring chemicals to be used for a weapon that Chase’s dad had previously been working on. The weapon required 3 separate chemicals, and Sampson already had the first two. Knowing where the third would be, the team sets up surveillance at the only place it could be found in the city and sure enough, Sampson shows up. Oliver, back in his guise as the Green Arrow after a heart-felt pep talk from Felicity, and the rest of the team prepare to take Sampson and his team down when Prometheus himself shows up!

ar521a 0020b Arrow 5/10 Recap

Photo: Robert Falconer/The CW

As the rest of the team take on and ultimately defeat Samson and his squad, the Green Arrow and Prometheus go toe-to-toe in a stairwell. The two are pretty evenly matched when Oliver changes tactics – he uses his words. He tells Adrian that the father he’s trying to honor and avenge wanted no part of him. According to the dad’s lawyer, Chase’s father was going to disown Adrian because he realized that his son was cray-cray. This took the fight out of Adrian, who laid down his sword asking Oliver to kill him. Ollie was like “Nope”, and knocked him out so he could face justice.

ar521a 0115b Arrow 5/10 Recap

Photo: Robert Falconer/The CW

The show ends with Adrian in A.R.G.U.S. custody and Mayor Queen giving a press conference acknowledging his own father’s wrongdoing. At the court hearing for custody of Renee’s daughter, he chooses not to show feeling his daughter is in better hands with her foster mother. This will of course lead to daddy-issues later in life.

Although in custody, it doesn’t seem Adrian is done with Team Arrow. Tune in to Atlanta’s CW next Wednesday night at 8 to find out what further shenanigans Chase will put our heroes through. Be sure to follow @ATLCW and @ATLBlerd on Twitter, so we can live-tweet the show together!


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