Can Barry stop himself from killing Iris? That is [now] the question. This particular episode jumps around a good bit, so bear with me as I attempt to relay the events seamlessly.

fla321b 0146b The Flash 5/9 Recap

Photo: Katie Yu/The CW

He is Me

Jumping right back into action, we find Barry face-to-face with himself. “Future Flash” explains that he is a time remnant, and before he can become a god, he must kill Iris in order to create enough darkness in Barry to birth Savitar. He closes conversation with a sly remark that prompts Barry to zip over and uppercut him. Barry then snatches Future Flash from the ground and begins to choke him out. Consequently, the Empty Savitar suit, acting under artificial intelligence, flings Barry aside granting Future Flash enough time to jump into his suit. A brief speedster duel ensues, where both the Flash and Savitar whirl around to generate speed attacks that collide and disable Barry long enough for Savitar to flea.

fla321b 0337b1 The Flash 5/9 Recap

Photo: Katie Yu/The CW

Barry heads back to Star Labs to relay word that Savitar is himself, or at least a version of him. Cisco draws a timeline that explains an endless loop of Savitar’s existence coming from a time remnant and vice versa. Iris approaches Barry to ask what Savitar was like. Barry describes the pain he saw in Savitar’s eyes and confesses that [same] pain is something that he also possesses.


Cisco postulates if they can block Barry from remembering, they can prevent Savitar from knowing the moves of how they plan to stop him. Without Caitlin’s expertise, they strap him to a machine that’s supposed to block future memory. However, instead of blocking Barry’s new memories, they mistakenly wipe all of his existing memories. Team Flash determines they induced a strong case of amnesia preventing him from remembering his name, his engagement to Iris, and even prevents him from remembering that he is the Flash. In an attempt to figure out who he is, Barry reads his full name of Bartholomew Henry Allen aloud and determines he is most comfortable with the name Bart. Meanwhile, Cecile calls Joe saying she needs Barry at CCPD right away to testify against Heat Monger in order to keep him in jail. Joe is forced to explain that Barry doesn’t have memory, so he tries to delay the testimony. Amnesia Barry, or Bart (as he chose to be called), is adorably innocent in the midst of his ignorance. Seeing a happy Barry will assuredly make you happy.

fla321a 0632b The Flash 5/9 Recap

Photo: Jeff Weddell /The CW

Iris takes Bart to Jitters for food and to jog his memory. They share some laughs, and Iris’ admiration for Bart [free of pain and darkness] begins showing. Barry receives a text that he has been summoned to testify because Joe isn’t able to stall the arraignment. Cisco and Julian reach the courthouse just in the nick of time to hand Barry a pair of glasses that enable him read text instruction. Testifying goes well until Bart’s anxiety causes him to sweat. His perspiration short circuits his glasses, and he clumsily stumbles through the rest of his testimony. As a result, Heat Monger’s case was dismissed.

Help Me Help You Help Me

Killer Frost heads to Savitar’s lair and finds him kneeling in what is becoming his signature position. He awakens and slams her against the wall. Like Bart, he can’t remember who he is, so Killer Frost heads to Star Labs and awaits Team Flash’s return. Wally tries to spring into action but doesn’t have his speed, so Killer Frost proposes to help them recover Barry’s memory. His memory is directly correlated to Savitar’s and since Savitar has no memory, he never enabled the plan to give Wally speed.

After the trial, Iris takes Barry to their apartment. He stumbles upon a picture of his parents and doesn’t remember who they are – if he forgot them, this amnesia is quite real! Iris tactfully redirects the conversation to how she and Barry met, which culminates with a kiss. This kiss triggers Bart clumsily discovering his superhero capabilities.

fla321a 0085b2 The Flash 5/9 Recap

Photo: Jeff Weddell /The CW

Killer Frost begins preparations to restore Barry’s memory. While she does, Cisco strolls down memory lane and tells a story about Ronnie as a way of trying to uncover the Caitlin that may still lie within. He cracks the ice -pun intended- and pushes her to a level of discomfort.

Speedforce Bazooka

fla321b 0233b The Flash 5/9 Recap

Photo: Katie Yu/The CW

HR visits Tracy to see her progression on the Speed Bazooka – the name they jokingly stumble upon for the object meant to trap Savitar. Tracy’s work has hit a speed bump, resulting in tension and frustration. While attempting to calm her, they determine they have similar interests and almost kiss, but HR leaves get coffee instead. HR pays Tracy another visit to motivate her progress. Like her favorite drink (coffee), she has the hots for HR and plants a kiss on him. After the kiss where “sparks” fly, Tracy gets an idea.

fla321b 0015b The Flash 5/9 Recap

Photo: Katie Yu/The CW

From the Light Back to the Dark

Joe and Iris standby as Bart runs around the cortex to familiarize himself with his powers. Joe catches wind that Iris doesn’t necessarily want Bart to regain his memory to restore Barry. She’s enamored with the carefree spirit he now embodies. Meanwhile, Heat Monger makes way to a Central City skyscraper and sets it ablaze. Bart dashes to the building but doesn’t have a great grasp of his Flash capabilities. Consequently, many people’s lives are at stake. Killer frost has rigged a device that will shock Bart and jog his memory. The device works, but Iris must step forward to walk Barry through the aftermath of events on the night of his mother’s death to jump-start his brain. Unfortunately when Barry’s memory returns, Savitar’s does as well. Contrarily, Wally gets his speed back and is able to help Barry stifle the fire and apprehend Heat Monger.

fla321b 0190b The Flash 5/9 Recap

Photo: Katie Yu/The CW

Team Flash briefly quizzes Barry to test his memory. He’s back up to speed, so Killer Frost heads for the exit. Cisco, Julian and Barry pursue to try and talk her down. Julian swears that he will find Caitlin a cure and professes his love. It appears he might breakthrough, but the cold-hearted Killer Frost holds strong. She tells Julian she never loved him, or any of them for that matter – ouch, that hurt.

fla321a 0006b The Flash 5/9 Recap

Photo: Jeff Weddell/The CW

Iris tells Barry that she enjoyed seeing him free of darkness. He responds saying he experienced the feeling of lightness with his parents in Flashpoint, but chose to return to pain and darkness to become a better person and hero. HR interrupts their kiss to introduce the Speed Bazooka. They now have the device in place but don’t have an appropriate power source.

fla321b 0126b The Flash 5/9 Recap

Photo: Katie Yu/The CW

Hopefully, the Speed Bazooka isn’t a clunker and will actually work, but there is no way to know without getting it powered up. So, how will Team Flash manage to obtain the power source guarded by King Shark? Tune in to Atlanta’s CW next week at 8 for the answer.

-Taylor Gibson


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