It’s a safe assumption that Barry probably won’t get the opportunity to save Iris (or fail trying) until the season finale. Desires for that answer can fade to the background, which leaves one pertinent question; WHO IS SAVITAR? Ironically, we get the answer in the opening scene, but it’s not fully explained until the end of the episode. Don’t worry, there won’t be a spoiler starting this recap.

What is Love

Joe and Cecile finish a workout in preparation for an upcoming marathon. In the subsequent conversation, she happens to drop the L bomb – yes, “love” – as they playfully chide each other about who will finish the marathon first. Joe receives a call to head to Star Labs, so they don’t get the opportunity to discuss the recent (and intriguing) development.

Enter Tracy Brand

At Star Labs, Team Flash begins searching for the physicist Tracy Brand. A perplexed Julian walks in questioning why the team isn’t trying to find Caitlin since they know she eventually teams with Savitar. The team has been searching but has failed to locate her. Cisco runs a search and locates Tracy, so he, HR, and Barry head to the school where she’s currently a grad student. Surprisingly, she isn’t quite the scholar her records indicated, and she is on the verge of giving up. Killer Frost arrives and Barry ushers Tracy away. Cisco doesn’t blast Caitlin, so Barry returns to snap his fingers in front of a blowtorch, which acts as a flamethrower sending a flame towards toward Killer Frost. The heat was a little too much; she took it upon herself to get out of the kitchen.

“Killer” Frost

Tracy goes to CCPD to help produce a composite sketch of “Jack Frost’s Sister.” Cecille approaches Joe to make sure things aren’t awkward after her recent love revelation. Killer Frost returns to Savitar and updates him of the thwarted attempt. He belittles her about the name Killer Frost because she hasn’t actually killed anyone, and gives her specific instruction to kill Tracy.

After Tracy leaves the lab police department, HR is tasked with trailing her for safety. She recognizes him from the college and becomes skeptic, but Cisco and Julian happen to be coaching HR from afar. During a down moment, Julian questions Cisco why he didn’t take his (clear) shot at Caitlin at the university.

Barry and Joe are in a stakeout, which of course leaves the two of them alone to discuss Cecile’s love confession. Joe is uneasy because of all the drama concerning Iris and he is tired of lying to Cecile, so Barry advises that Joe tell her the absolute truth about Team Flash.

Tracy theorizes that speedsters don’t generate all of the electricity that trails behind them. HR does a good job of furthering her theories with the information he knows from the future…. that is, until Killer Frost arrives and launches and ice shard directly towards Tracy’s face. Barry zips in to intercept, so Killer Frost creates an ice roller coaster – this would be a great idea for a ride in a DC theme park – to pursue Tracy. Barry manages to herd Killer Frost back to Cisco, who has been selected to deal the final blow. As she approaches, Cisco reminisces their friendship and fails to strike. Meanwhile she hurls a sub zero wave his way, so Barry is forced to rush in and take the blow. Since Barry is immobilized, Killer Frost stabs him in the leg with an ice dagger.

We Need You

Team Flash brings Tracy back to Star Labs to tell her about Savitar and the role she plays in stopping him. The pressure of preventing death seems to be a little much and she walks out, so HR burdens himself with the task of reeling her in. Once again, Julian asks Cisco why he didn’t take his clear shot on Killer Frost. Cisco is afraid he will lose control of his powers and kill her – so what, she’s a traitor now. Barry approaches Joe to ask if he told Cecile the truth. Their conversation is interrupted by HR announcing that Tracy left the lab. Barry does a quick scan of her possible locations. His efforts fail, so HR suggests using information from her future hologram for insight. HR then tracks Tracy to a statue in a park, empowers her to believe in her ability, and manages to flirt as he comforts her.

Cecile unexpectedly shows up at Joe’s house to address the weirdness between them. He throws a screwball and suggests they break up – why Joe?! WHY???! Cecile leaves, but seconds later she knocks on the door held hostage by Killer Frost, who is demanding that Joe exchange Tracy for Cecile’s life. Moments before Killer Frost sends the address, Joe informs Team Flash of her demands. Barry claims to have a plan, so he, Joe, and Tracy head to the address.

Initially Barry’s plan doesn’t look too promising. Killer Frost is able to recite every sentence he uses in attempts deescalate her and initiates a blast showing her preemptive knowledge of Cisco’s hidden location. Cisco is able to break his freefall with a portal that grants him a semi-safe crash landing while Killer Frost pummels Barry with a continuous wave that freezes him to the ground. Cisco (finally) blasts her with a vibe – I guess the third time really is the charm. The two of them engage in a projectile power struggle while Joe and Cecile flea. Cisco’s wave overpowers Killer Frost and she in launched into a cabinet. While down, Cisco pulls a sample of her blood. Savitar furiously emerges, taunts Barry, then runs away with Killer Frost.

Back at Star Labs Julian tests Killer Frost’s blood as Cisco questions how her knowledge of his presence was so precise. Meanwhile, Tracy is hard at work determining how to trap Savitar. HR brings her coffee and she updates him on a theory where they can use Savitar’s speed against him.

I Know Who You Are

After the showdown Joe arranges a meeting with Cecile at CCPD. He comes cleans about his lack of truth and addresses the new level they’ve reached in their relationship. He even makes the grand gesture to remove his wedding ring, apologizes for his deceit and drops and L bomb on her. Joe heads home to where Iris, Barry, and Wally (who has returned from Earth 3) are awaiting. He informs them that he told the Cecile the truth and echoes a phrase that Barry told him earlier in the episode: “love is the only thing we got in this world, and without it, nothing really matters.” These words catapult Barry through a memory time-lapse where he recalls almost every pertinent detail relating to Savitar. Barry then runs to a street and beckons Savitar’s arrival. Barry goes through a spill about time and how Savitar knows everything because he was actually there, not one step ahead. This results in Savitar stepping out of the suit to reveal himself as…. Barry!

After 20 episodes, we finally know who Savitar is. How will Barry save Iris from himself? Can team Flash alter the future? Will Tracy manage to build the speed force trap prior to Iris’ death? For answers to these questions and more be sure to tune in at 8 to Atlanta’s CW.

-Taylor Gibson


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