Remember in 1996 when Matilda first came out? It was filled with magic, flying books, and the incomparable Mara Wilson (who is a riot on Twitter, btw). It was about a misunderstood child who seemed to understand, at an early age, the world she faced. This beautiful story was brought to life on stage at The Fox Theatre last night, and it was definitely an experience to remember.

4 Theatre Talk: Matilda The Musical

Matilda (Jenna Weir) (Photo: Cylla von Tiedemann)

Matilda The Musical is one of those shows where you know the story entirely (if you’ve seen the film or read Roald Dahl’s magnificent book), but you don’t know how that story will unfold onstage. When we reached those infamous scenes where Bruce (Soren Thayne Miller) is forced to eat an entire chocolate cake or when Miss Trunchbull (Dan Chameroy) flings a student into thin air by her pigtails, they certainly did not disappoint. Scenes like these and dialogue that kept me on edge (in a good way), take Matilda The Musical a step above the rest. This show is magic. It brings back the innocence that we’ve all longed for from time to time, and gives us the confidence to stand up for what is right. The entire cast emanated that confidence and pure talent that made the story not only believable but their own as well.

19 Theatre Talk: Matilda The Musical

The Company of Matilda (Photo: Joan Marcus)

Speaking of cast, let’s talk about my spirit animal, Miss Trunchbull. I LOVED the way Miss Trunchbull was portrayed in this production. She’s intense and powerful as she stands tall over the children and Miss Honey (Jennifer Bowles), quite frankly. Dan’s portrayal of Miss Trunchbull gave me the laugh I needed in his execution of dialogue and movement, as well as his choice in sockwear ;).

8 Theatre Talk: Matilda The Musical

Miss Trunchbull (Dan Chameroy) (Photo: Joan Marcus)

There’s not a bad thing to say about this musical. It’s definitely worth it. You can experience it too, now until April 23rd. Get your tickets here, MAGGOTS!


–Wendell Scott


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