Hold up, have you spotted the season’s new off-the-shoulder tops and dresses? They are hard to miss. Last Spring/Summer off-shoulders made their sweet comeback, but this year OTS ensembles are playing in a bigger league. A league that has my heart a’jittering! Your norm OTS pastel colors and prints are chic, but, when you upgrade the look with ruffle details, bow ties, bell sleeve cuffs and embroidery, it’s a W-I-N.

I spy with my two eyes “Jane the Virgin” actresses rocking their off-shoulder upgrades!

Yes. Yes, your sun-kissed shoulders totes deserve all the compliments this season too.
With that said, here are off-shoulder upgrades that are ALWAYS a good idea:

If you don’t own an OTS top or dress, go buy one now. My bluntness has a purpose, and you’ll soon find out. Pinky promise.