We will never forget the day that our Queen of the Night, Whitney Houston, left this earth. Her role in The Bodyguard (1992) would be one of the most iconic roles of her ever-expanding career. Deborah Cox (Rachel Marron) takes on this role in The Bodyguard: The Musical with a vengeance. She. Came. To. Slay. Deborah brought the entire house down and changed my life, quite frankly. This was my first time ever experiencing The Bodyguard. I’ve seen a few scenes and belted a few of the songs from the movie, but I never knew the full story. Deborah Cox was my first Rachel Marron. She made the role her own and that is what had me captivated from beginning to end.

Deborah Cox (Rachel Marron) & Judson Mills (Frank Farmer)
Photo Credit: Joan Marcus

Deborah Cox (Rachel Marron) & Judson Mills (Frank Farmer)
Photo Credit: Joan Marcus

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The entire production was very well put-together and shocked us with very elaborate visualizations. From breaking the fourth wall multiple times to ensemble numbers that turned into an entire dance party in The Fox Theatre…it was magical. And one thing I did notice was how much this story meant to some audience members. You could hear the cries and the “no-no-no’s” even though most of the audience knew how the story would unfold. There’s a connection there. It was deeper than a celebrity avoiding a stalker (with an incredible six-pack, may I add). To me, it was about finding love in protection. To be protected is to be loved. We all want to experience it in some way or another. I experience it when I look at my dozen of Krispy Kreme chocolate-glazed doughnuts. It’s love, I tell you. And no matter how complex we may be, we are deserving of love, peace, and protection. I can’t reiterate how many times my mother (and grandmother) said how much of a crush they had on Kevin Costner’s character. They would say it wasn’t about how good he looked, because that was a given. It was his will to nurture someone he loved no matter what. That is love. UGH, goodness, now I have to go buy those doughnuts. I’m feeling the need to love…and eat.

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(Sidenote: A quick joke that’s fitting: What is Rachel Marron’s favorite coordination?


….HAND-EEEYYYYYYEEEEEEEEE. Get it? Alright, I’ll stop. Go enjoy the show. )

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–Wendell Scott