Did you ever play Pin the Tale on the Donkey when you were young? Heck you might still play it – no judgement here. I definitely know where this game hangs out at my local party store. Pure anticipation totally makes the game worth it.

Spring/Summer Fashion, Runway Styles

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Our modern-day form of Pin-the-Donkey is definitely fashion week. With all the seasonal forecasts taking shape every few months, designers, celebrities, fashion icons and fashionistas all jump into play, and those who watch from the sidelines await which style tail will stick and play well with our everyday feel.

Spring/Summer 2017 Trends, Spring Runway

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One style tail Spring/Summer 2017 Runways introduced was “Bra Tops.” Is this a winner in your game?

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Bra Tops; Spring Fashion Trends, Spring 2017 Styles

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Rochas Spring Runway, Bra Tops, Spring Styles

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Miu Miu Spring Runway, Fashion Trending Now, Fashion Week

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You know what’s next… I want to hear from you!
Will bra tops stick? Hey, you might have already even pocketed a test run.

Or, will you be aiming away from this look? Weigh in below!

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Spring/Summer 2017 Fashion, Fashion Week, Spring Bra Tops

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