More and more I have come to realize that there is this unique fascination with the Millennial group. Why is everyone so concerned with them? Some of it is positive, some negative, but I am here to hopefully set the record straight or at least educate you a little more about them.

Let me start by telling you the basics:

1. A Millennial is someone that was born in the early 1980’s to early 2000’s (aka typically children of the baby boomer generation).

2. Most are increasingly open minded being that they are young during pivotal moments in the world that require diversity and change. Millennials have held a huge role in LGBT rights, gender equality, interracial relationships, and so much more.

3. They are the least traditional generation with the exception of Post Millennials.

But yet everyone seems to have such a strong opinion about this group. I have noticed that when the word “Millennial” is coming out of the mouth of a non-millennial, there seems to be somewhat of a negative tone associated with it. To give you a better idea check out the video Millennial International: Sponsor a Millennial Today. I’m not sure if I should laugh or be offended

4. Some people characterize them as lazy, coddled, privileged, disrespectful, hipsters, unable to differentiate between needs vs. wants.

5. The reality is that they are just different. And “different” can mean change. And sometimes change makes people uncomfortable.

6. They are misunderstood, creative, adventurous, confident, expressive people. They are getting married and having babies later in life, so they can find themselves and establish a solid career.

7. They are over-educated and underpaid. Hustlers, typically juggling multiple jobs in hopes of getting one really great one in the field that they enjoy.

8. They are the romantics of our community, fighting for love and diversity in the midst of a world that thrives on technology and social media.

So give the Millennials a break, see them for more than what meets the eye, and put your mind out of its comfort zone! They are not the enemy.

-Kaitlin Lehner/Atlanta’s CW