Let’s. Be. Real. When trying to break a habit, the whole going cold turkey strategy never works. Well, at least for me and especially when it involves cutting out sweets in my diet. Forget it.

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This outlook stays true with a few of my borderline obsessed outfits. The mere thought of giving up my faux fur slip ons, the neutral beauties that have politely guided me throughout the Winter days, gives me sheer anxiety. That’s why I praise the chunk of time when one season meets another (I’m looking at you March). I can slowly de-layer, break away from my serious Winter wardrobe relationships and adjust gradually by mixing Spring’s upcoming trends with lightweight layers.

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Try these fun, trendy transitional toppers that scream Spring:


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Varsity Jackets


Jean Jackets

Utility Jackets

Bomber Jackets


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Thanks to seasonal shifts we can slowly try Spring trends without freezing or say farewell to our beloved Winter ribbed longsleeve at our own pace. Which weightless jackets are you pairing up?