Written by Danielle Boise

I grew up with my sister listening to The Phantom of the Opera on repeat. It was, and still is to this day, one of her all-time favorite musicals and while I appreciated the soundtrack in my youth, I truly didn’t grasp the spine-tingling sensation of the true experience that is The Phantom of the Opera until I had the pleasure of seeing it live. Outside of either seeing it on Broadway or the West End, there is no better place to see it other than The Fox Theatre in Atlanta, as the establishment already lends its  grandeur making the highly theatrical presentation even more spectacular to watch. So for my first time seeing this striking production, this was the perfect place to escape into the world of Andrew Lloyd Webber’s masterpiece.

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The show sent chills down my entire body as the lights dimmed. From the start of the prologue, the audience enters the mesmerizing world of 1900’s France, set at an auction house that ends with bids on the infamous Lot 666 of the notorious chandelier that came crashing down at the ill-fated Opera House. It proceeds from there to give dynamic look at the inner workings of an Opera House and the man behind the mask pulling the strings at every corner to craft his vision of Christine into reality.

The music is very much a central character of the storyline as any of the physical performers. From the first notes of the Overture to the haunting Angel of Music to the transfixing The Music of the Night to the destructive Point of No Return, Phantom of the Opera takes you on a nonstop roller coaster ride of emotions – from anguish, lust, betrayal to the bliss and agony of falling in love in an elegant and refined way. Under the direction of Jamie Johns, the orchestra was slice of heaven as they uplifted the flawless cast, who comprised an impeccable collection of talented performers. With the soprano diva Carlotta played by Trista Moldovan to the demure and naïve Christine played by Katie Travis to high baritone Phantom lead by Derrick Davis.

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There is something for everyone with the North American touring production of The Phantom of the Opera, from the ornate costumes to the elaborate set design. I have never seen so many different scene changes take place so seamlessly. Flowing effortlessly from one moment to the next. From being on stage at the opera house in the middle of a production, to the belly of the Phantom’s lair, and then finding your way to behind the scenes at the Manager’s office. All of this takes place beautiful without a hitch.

The Phantom of the Opera has graced the stage with more than 12,000 performances since it’s 1988 Broadway debut, making it one of the longest and most lucrative productions in history. Andrew Llyod Webber’s icon production is a moving tribute to the trials and tribulations of love and obsession. You still have plenty of chances left to see this performance in Atlanta at The Fox Theatre with the show running through March 5. You can find more information on tickets and times at www.broadwayinatlanta.com.

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Phantom of the Opera Photo Courtesy of Alastair Muir

Phantom of the Opera
Photo Courtesy of Alastair Muir