Y’all, it’s cold outside. “Brrrr” has definitely hit the South. These frigid days make a girl want to curl up and never get out of her cozy, warm PJ’s. Could I just bring along my fuzzy blanket and robe to work, please? Really, though. That would be THE dream.

Alexander Wang Runway, Winter 2017 Fashion, Comfy chic outfits

Photo by JP Yim/Getty Images

Okay, okay… I know this scenario is wishful thinking for a reason. We would get zero, zip, nadda, done. Fortunately, there’s an alternative. We can channel this same desirable for comfort in a more motivating way. There are plenty of new fashion trends we have to try out this Winter 2017, so why not pair them with cozy pieces and knock out two fashion wants with one stone?

comfy chic winter styles, alexander wang runway

Photo by JP Yim/Getty Images

When you’re out and about this month, try sporting these cozy, chic combos. You’ll feel like you never left your PJ’s AND you can even wear them to work.

Comfy Black Joggers + Chic Suede Moto Jacket

Comfy Oversized Sweater + Chic Metallic Midi Skirt

Slouchy & shimmer makes everything better.

Comfy Lace-up Sweater + Chic Skirt

Comfy Knit Sweater + Chic Bell-Sleeve Top

Double up the layers with a playful balance of comfy and chic.

Comfy Sheer Long-Sleeve + Chic Slip Dress

Try-out this pairing with Winter’s unbeatable palette: burgundy and black.

See, comfy and chic combos are TOTES possible this Winter. Which of these duo inspo’s will you be snuggling into?


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