The Aurora’s Theatre’s production of The Mountaintop is one that cannot be missed.

Set in the infamous Room 306 of the Lorraine Hotel, this fictional production chronicles Dr. Martin Luther King’s (Neal Ghant) last day on Earth. He is accompanied by housekeeper, Camae (Cynthia D. Barker) of the Lorraine Hotel, who brings a whirlwind of reality to Dr. King’s bedside. That’s it. Only two people. That’s all this production needed. It wasn’t about cast size or theatrics, it was about the message. This production humanized the Dr. King that we learned about in textbooks and watched on black-and-white reels. That’s one thing that we must not forget–this was an ordinary man who helped us dream extraordinary dreams. His vision for a world of peace and commitment to Civil Rights helped pave the way for our future to become as bright as it could be. This production stands as a reminder that we must remember his vision–especially now! We must not become complacent. We must remain active and obedient to continuing the legacy of peace. We are responsible for our future.

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The Mountaintop left me speechless, quite honestly. It was almost like a good slap in the face to not lose hope in the world (even, humanity). But that hope is my responsibility. I must pass the baton…and the baton will continue to pass on.

You have until February 12th to see this show, but the rest of your life to make a difference.

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–Wendell Scott