The seaweed is always greener when The Little Mermaid swims into The Fox Theatre!

2017 01 13a Theatre Talk: Disneys The Little Mermaid

Credit: Mark & Tracy Photography

One of my favorite Disney classics comes to life again onstage, and it did not disappoint. I was surrounded by parents and children dressed in mermaid costumes, I was so tempted to go out and buy one myself. Who would be weirded out by a merman sitting in Row N? Oh, you would? Kay.

Let’s talk about voices, shall we? No one’s voice is getting trapped in an over-sized, glowing shell. I promise. Knowing Ariel from the film, Jodi Benson gave us a lighter tone to our favorite redhead. Diana Huey, who portrays Ariel in the 5th Avenue Theatre’s Production of TLM, gives us power. Her voice is beyond unique and rich in tone. I often cringe when someone is about to belt because they often confuse it with yelling. Diana knew the difference. Her voice had me on the edge of my seat; which is why I think Ursula (Jennifer Allen) wanted it so badly. Speaking of Ursula, I’m pretty sure I’ve found my spirit animal…or, um, my villainous squid…? Not only did Allen give us sass and “body language” during the show–she gave us LIFE. Her voice was strong, but her physical choices were even stronger. Her twitchy neck when someone said something she didn’t agree with, or her immaculate undulations from one side of the stage to the next (with EIGHT seemingly heavy tentacles attached to her dress) were my favorites. These performers knew how to bring these characters to life and how to add a dash of their personality into each to make being onstage even more fun!

2017 01 13 Theatre Talk: Disneys The Little Mermaid

Credit: Mark & Tracy Photography

Don’t think because you don’t have a little sister or brother, you can’t go see this. Do it! It’s so much more than a children’s story (the original Hans Christian Andersen story is pretty grim actually….but we won’t talk about that). It’s nostalgic and enjoyable all at once! Dive under the sea today, and go see The Little Mermaid!

mermaid1 Theatre Talk: Disneys The Little Mermaid

For more info/tickets, click here.

–Wendell Scott


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