3…2…1…How ya doing 2017?

Although my New Year’s resolutions almost never stick and I’m always late at jotting down my 2017 goals, I still really appreciate the meet and greet of a New Year.

It’s always a bit calming knowing every January 1 there is a refreshing handshake and new canvas waiting for us. In my household, it really means a major closet cleansing and a countdown to the new Fashion trends finally finding a home.

Here are THE five must-haves to try within the first weeks of 2017:

Burgundy Moto Jacket


Why I Love It: Edgy is coming this Winter. Embrace it.


Wintry Chunky Coat


Why I Love It: It’s cold, so, outside of PJ wear, snuggling up shouldn’t be a chore this season. Thank you, white wintry chunky coat.


Work Safe Bell-Sleeve Top


Why I Love It: The right amount of upgrade to your office sweater weather. Let the romantic sleeves out to play under a cozy sweater.


Metallic Boots


Why I Love It: An outfit comrade that will never let your shine dull.


Stargazed Print Mini Dress


Why I Love It: Reminds us that just because it’s cold outside doesn’t mean your style should falter. Glam up for your night out in this flirty get-up.


Will you be stepping into any of these trends the first days of 2017?

Fashionistas, Cheers to the New Year and all the new fashion it will bring.


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