When Chanel presents fancy puffer jacket inspiration, the snuggle is real.

This Winter, the marshmallow jacket looks to have made a comeback, but it wasn’t until Chanel Metiers d’Art 2017 show that my full attention was in place and a new love for puffer styles began.

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The Chanel versions that blanketed the runway are refreshing, luxurious, and sinfully playful.

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InStyle weighs in and notes:

“Lagerfeld borrowed classic Chanel design elements and carried them over, blanketing puffers with the brand’s signature tweed, embellishing them with Parisian motifs, and fusing them with metallic threadwork.”

Christmas came early with Chanel’s lavished puffer jackets – Merci beaucoup! Scroll below and see for yourself. Warning: Your heart emoji reactions will be on fire!

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ALL the yes! And, you’re welcome for that splash of puffer paradise. 😉