My friend surprised me with tickets to the Pentatonix concert at the Infinite Energy Arena the other night. My response was: “I’m not into a cappella.” She continued to convince me that it wasn’t just a cappella—it was an experience. I continued to roll my eyes.

We sat down in our seats, and I immediately started checking my watch because the bartender told me there would be TWO intermissions throughout the show. What show has two intermissions, I thought. But when the first song began, I didn’t care. Like, literally the first note had me hooked. Pentatonix slithered their way into my cold heart, and I will keep them there. Every single member of this fascinating group was beyond talented. My friend was correct, it was definitely an experience. They didn’t miss any notes. Nothing too sharp…nothing too flat (except my Pepsi because I forgot to drink it).

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Not only was the group amazing, but the actual theatrics of it all were too. The lights and graphics created a seamless performance that were both awe-inspiring and individually creative. Perhaps my favorite portion of the show was Pentatonix’s rendition of Jolene. Not only is that my favorite song to karaoke to, but I am also obsessed with Dolly Parton. “Effortless” would be my description of their rendition. They performed it with another powerful group, Us the Duo (who performed before Pentatonix took the stage).

And if that didn’t top it off for you, we even did a #mannequinchallenge! Not just the group, but all 8,000 of us participated in this challenge—and it was epic. Take a look:

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I’ll just say I was only rolling my eyes at the end of the show because we had to go home…

For more information about Pentatonix and their upcoming shows, click here.


—Wendell Scott