Cue the statement layers! Now would be a good time for my confession: I have a huge fetish for coats and jackets…it’s mega! Between my husband and I, we have an entire wall dedicated to an assortment of coats and jackets. I know some might call me crazy, but they all tell a story.

We have a cold-weather collection to get us through 365 days of the year, which is quite comical given the fact that Georgia really only allows us two full months for Winter wear. Thank goodness we don’t live in the North, or my wardrobe budget would be double the trouble thanks to new Winter-wear trends surfacing every year.

I’ll probably never recover from this obsession (totes okay though), so I attempt every year to ease my devotion by featuring a round-up of credible coats and jackets that deserve to be worn that given Winter (if Atlanta weather allows it). This way, I can feel close to so many lust-worthy layered styles as possible.

Now that I’ve just splurged on my latest confession (every little bit of venting counts) here, indulge in Winter’s best budget-savvy coats and jackets of 2016:



Parka Coat

parka coats, 2016 park coats, green parka coats


Oversized Sherpa Coat

Sherpa Meets Puffer Coat

Military Coat

Wrap Coat

wrap coats, mod cloth wrap coats, wrap coats of 2016


Long Plaid Coat

Cocoon Wool Blend Coat

Faux Fur Collar

faux fur collar coats, faux fur collar coats women, faux fur


oversized faux fur coats, faux fur collar coats, ados coats


Modernize with same tone or patterned short hem skirts with tights.



Faux Fur Leather Jacket

Quilted Moto Jacket

quilted moto jacket, moto jackets women, moto jacket


Bomber Jacket

Ruffle Hem Military Jacket

Velvet Jacket


This year has bewitched me with more coat and jacket happiness a gal can only dream of. Whether you’re gifting or getting, enjoy shopping the latest trends this season has to offer. 🙂


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