Alright, you know I had to use that title, right?

The world’s best-selling touring magic show, The Illusionists-Live from Broadway, kicked off 2016/2017 Broadway in Atlanta series at The Fox Theatre. I went. I was amazed. I might’ve gasped a few times.

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The show is every bit dramatic as you’d expect a fully mind-blowing experience to be, of course. Seven magnificent magicians take the stage and utilize their own specialized talents and skills to keep you (uncomfortably) on the edge of your seat. I can vouch for this because I sat that way throughout the entire show. This isn’t some magic show that you see at your side-street carnival—it is truly art. One thing that mesmerized me was the concentration of all of the stars. No matter their field, whether humor and charm or guessing your mother’s maiden name, these magicians knew how to keep you guessing. Dan Sperry (my personal favorite), better known as The Anti-Conjuror, didn’t even say a word while on stage—not one. But his magic and matter-of-fact charm made up for it. He was amazing! And his hair was pretty amazing too. I was tempted to magically float on stage to touch it. I stayed in my seat, don’t worry.

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The Illusionists are here until October 2nd, so you’ve only got one week to see these greats in their truest form. You don’t want to miss this. This was my first magic show, and from now on, everyone is going to have to live up to it—sans rabbits in hats.

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