Remember when Prince Charming slips the glass slipper onto Cinderella’s rightful foot? A moment of true meant-to-be-kind-of love. That’s how I feel when I step into a gorg set of satin shoes paired with any type of casual piece: denim jeans, work trousers, you name it. It’s pure fashion bliss (cue the heart fireworks).

Satin has been a popular fabric to wear for elegant affairs for a long time. Thanks to Vetements Spring 2017 collection presented at Couture Fashion Week, the experiment of dressing down with satin footwear is taking over and deemed fabulous! From slingbacks, ankle-ties or buckled sides alongside fitted jeans or work wear, this new trend is inspiring all fashionistas (guilty already) to conquer the next casual chic style. For best impact, here’s how to wear the look:

Color + Indigo Wash

Want that sassy, sweet allure to power your day? Pair vibrant colorful satin pumps with a set of wide leg indigo wash jeans. You can take this look from a casual work day to play.

red satin pumps, green satin pumps, satin shoe trend, satin shoes

Credit: (Pants); (Shoes)

Satin + Jumpsuits

Obsessed with classic cool looks? Enhance it by marrying slingback flats with a comfy jumpsuit.

casual jumpsuit, satin flats, blue satin flat, j.crew satin flats

Credit: (Jumpsuit); (Shoes)

Exaggerated Silhouettes + Satin

Make an entrance to spice up the week by opting in for open toe satins with an exaggerated silhouettes shirt.

open toe satin shoes, exagerrated shirt, off the shoulder shirts

Credit: (Shirt); (Shoes)

Have fun shopping the satin!


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