The same-same can go dull after awhile. That’s why we pick up and go on vacation, change the colors in our house or redesign our bedroom. It’s a very similar concept when it comes to our staple wardrobe pieces that we put on rotation. Like for instance, my denim shorts. They’ve been my Summer sidekick all season long, and I can’t kick the look. I channel these go-to’s almost every week while I’m taking on weekend adventures, backyard barbeques or running errands. It’s like my little black dress – it never goes out of style. Although it can fall borderline boring and slide real fast into that causal corner, if you let it. Well… I did and have recently been limited to wearing this look only at casual hangs. In case you’re in the same stitch, I found a fix (of course).

Before the warm days run out, i’m upgrading my denim shorts so that their equipped for both casual + chic. Here’s how in 3 ways:

Playful Pattern

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Block Heel

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Vintage Ruffle Off-the-Shoulders

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Long live the denim! What’s your favorite way to dress up your denim shorts?


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