Celebrating my mom on the daily is a thing but to celebrate her EXTRA all day long, I’ll certainly take it. She deserves it. Your mom deserves it. All moms deserve it.

Let’s be real: It’s natural to be on the hunt for something BIG and special that’ll honor your mom on Mother’s Day. We also know we don’t have to but definitely want to. Especially, when you’re a fashionista and know that spot on styles can string a smile on any woman’s face.

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I say, don’t hold back. Splurge, splurge, splurge (in your own means) on gifts that compliment your mom perfectly. Whether your mom is a full blown fashionista or only sprinkles a few styles here and there, you’ll want to check out these 5 trendy fashion statements to gift her with:

1.Kendra Scott Pendant

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Screenshot: shop.nordstrom.com

Shop it now | $65.00

2.Kate Spade Lady Swan PJ’s

Kate Spade, mothers day gift ideas, mothers day, pajamas, cute pajamas

Screenshot: katespade.com

Shop it now | $128.00

3. UGG Slide Sandals

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Screenshot: shop.nordstrom.com

Shop it now | $89.95

4. Block Patterned Dress

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Screenshot: talbots.com

Shop it now | $169.00

5.Colorful Bucket Bag

Mother's Day Gifts, mothers day gift ideas, bucket bag, colorful bucket bags

Screenshot: yoox.com

Shop it now | $84.00

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Do it. Sparkle her with fashion pieces she’ll remember and appreciate. Happy Mother’s Day to all mothers who make this world beautiful. ♥️