1 always in style textile, 2 ways to wear it at the SAME time, count me in! From celebrity street styles to #InstaStyle posts, I’m spotting denim on denim everywhere.
Take advantage of this trend and wear the look 3 different ways:

Flirty Denim

Courtesy InStyle.com/ Credit: Michael Wright/WENN.com

Courtesy InStyle.com
Credit: Michael Wright/WENN.com

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Celeb-Inspo: Emma Roberts

I could tango with this denim style allllllll day long. When your going for flirty denim x2, it’s all about the compromise. Like Emma Roberts does beautifully with this denim duo (ruffle crop top and high-waisted bow tie), balancing the weight, length and symmetrics is a must. For a romantic win, I would couple a denim off the shoulder with denim cuff shorts:

1.Chambray Off the Shoulders + Cuff Shorts| Francesca’s


Structured Denim

denim trend, micheal kors

Courtesy of InStyle.com

Runway Inspo: Michael Kors

Sassy, casual denim is SO a thing! Nail refinement with tailored, structured pieces that will compliment your body – aim for sophistication not suffocation. Pair straight leg crops with a boxy top or fitted blazer.

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1.Straight leg crops + Boxy Top | Mango

denim top, denim straight leg crops, spring trends, denim on denim

Courtesy Mango.com


Complimentary Denim

alessandra ambrosia, denim trend, denim look

Screenshot InStyle.com

Celeb-Inspo: Alessandra Ambrosio

When you put together two denim silhouettes, sweep-me-off-my-feet is FULL force. Ambrosio does just that in her denim parka and crops. A street style perfection. With this denim on denim look, I’m all for the modern spin. Find a pair of contemporary wide-leg crops and a breezy chambray top and you’re all set.

1.Wide-leg Crops + Breezy Chambray Top |

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This Spring, double up on denim wear! I double dare you. 😉