Besides the pollen overload, I’m SO thankful April has finally arrived! This month means warm temps are trustworthy, fashion trends are fresh and wardrobe updates are at an all time high.

Flowers aren’t the only things blooming this month. Vibrant colors, florals, and short sleeves are springing up and ready for play.

You’ll want these in your closet, stat!

Cat-Eye Sunglasses

Curious like a cat? In this case, you’ll want to be. Kickstart this month by trying cat-eye sunglasses. These sunnies are funky at first but will win your hearts in the end. Add this feline flair to all spring outfits. #onfleekgoals

cat-eye sunglasses, spring sunglasses, trendy sunglasses

Screen shot from

cat-eye sunglasses, sunglasses, spring trends

Screen shot from

target sunglasses, cat eye sunglasses, trendy sunglasses

Screen Shot from

Floral Tops

Rain or shine, flirty is in. The blooms are here to prove it. I’m coveting all floral tops this season because they flirt with EVERY style. Going for romantic, casual, or edgy? You name it, the florals mix. I have a serious love affair with this trend. I know you will too.

floral top, spring trends, floral shirt

Screen Shot from

floral shirts, spring shirts, spring trends, floral tops

Screen Shot from h&

floral top, women's floral tops, spring style trends

Screen Shot from

Wrap Skirts

Wrap me up or lose me forever. April welcomes legs for days with wrap skirts. Let your legs breathe with breezy wrap skirts of any style. This season you can opt in this flattery fit for any occasion. Add neutral tops for an effortless look and bring on the breeze!

wrap skirt, spring skirts, spring styles

Screen Shot from

green wrap skirt, women wrap skirts, spring styles

Screen Shot from

women's black skirt, wrap skirts, black skirts

Screen Shot from


Happy April Shopping!



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