By Kaitlin Lehner

So ever since I hit the whopping age of 23 (2 years ago) I have noticed that the lovely people of Atlanta, Ga love them some brunch on a patio with a great drink by their side (a.k.a. a great excuse to start drinking early). So I realized, it is my duty as a proud brunch citizen [and beverage expert] to provide these patrons with a fantastic list of brunch cocktails that this city has to offer. Get ready!

#1 Bloody Best
-The Nook

-32 oz. of Dixie Pepper Vodka and spicy Bloody Mary mix. Topped with pepperoncinis, jalapenos, tots, steak, a slice of toast, lemon, lime, and a hard boiled egg.

#2 South in a Mug

-34 oz. of 420 beer and bloody mary mix. Topped with a chicken tender, bacon, celery, boiled egg, lime, lemon, olives, fresh mozzarella, and a fruit kebab.

#3 Hail Mary
-Elbow Room Bar

-Bloody Mary. Topped with a celery stick, bacon slice, pickle spear, meatball, pepperoni, salami, capicola, black and green olives, banana peppers, jalapeno, lime, and a slice of stromboli.

#4 Blueberry Mimosa

-Champagne, fresh squeezed OJ, blueberry vodka, and a blueberry.

Washington Prepares For New Years Festivities

#5 Bottomless Duo

-Mimosas and Bloody Marys for a pop up brunch

#6 Morning ’49
-The Lawrence

Elijah Craig 12 Bourbon, lemon, honey, Borghetti Espresso Liqueur, and Amaro Nonino.

#7 Cocktail Kit

-You choose a champagne or spirit from their drink list and then they provide you a fully stocked kit to create your own cocktail or bloody mary.

Photo Credit: ThinkStock

#8 Rise N Shine
-Ration and Dram

-Troy and Sons White Whiskey, averna, nitro coffee, and vanilla syrup.

Stay tuned for more of “Kait’s 8” soon, right here on (I love lists, and I know you do too!) #Kaits8
-Kaitlin Lehner/Atlanta’s CW


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