Fresh off a Golden Globe win, Rachel Bloom proves to us once again why she is so crazy awesome at being crazy. If you’re just joining the show now, you have missed quite a bit.

Crazy Ex-Girlfriend -- "My First Thanksgiving With Josh!" -- Image Number: CEG106a_0009.jpg -- Pictured: Rachel Bloom as Rebecca -- Photo: Tyler Golden/The CW -- © 2015 The CW Network, LLC. All rights reserved.

Rebecca (Bloom’s character) is a big time New York lawyer, that moves from her exceptionally paid, yet stressful job, in the big city to a no where town off the side of Los Angeles (West Covina); to follow her teenage camp sweet heart, Josh Chan. While in West Covina she’s trying to convince all the townies (and herself) she belongs there and she’s there for her exciting new job opportunity; a job she was over qualified for and actually set up herself.  Everything is lining up perfectly until she finds out Chan has a hot evil girlfriend, Valencia.

Along the way she befriends Paula, a workplace pal and West Covina house mom that’s a tough cookie and lives vicariously through Rebecca’s chaos.

Crazy Ex-Girlfriend -- "Pilot" -- Image CEG101_2301 -- Pictured (L-R): Donna Lynne Champlin as Paula Proctor and Rachel Bloom as Rebecca Bunch -- Photo: Greg Gayne/The CW -- © 2015 The CW Network, LLC. All Rights Reserved.

Okay, enough set up! WTF happened this week? Well like always for this eccentric (because crazy is an offensive term) lady, there was a lot of ISH to swallow.

The Small Pill
Okay, so to be expected moving to a new town on a whim, Rebecca is realizing that she has no friends; a realization hardened by the fact she begins the show stuffing her face with a whole tub of popcorn in a movie theater alone.

Crazy Ex-Girlfriend -- "I'm So Happy That Josh Is So Happy!" -- Image Number: CEG107a_0486.jpg -- Pictured: Rachel Bloom as Rebecca -- Photo: Patrick Wymore/The CW -- © 2015 The CW Network, LLC. All rights reserved.

She runs into Josh and his crew and longs for companionship like they have. At the moment Josh’s crew  (consisting of his girlfriend Valencia, his long time friend Greg and two other colorful townies) are discussing their annual beach trip – A trip, they always take, with the same exact people and can never change (according to Josh, at Greg’s dismay).

Valencia, being a kind-hearted person (code for conniving witch), invites Rebecca along under the guise of friendship. We all know better, but Valencia sings us a little ditty about sister-hood in which she reassures us she hates other women and wants to keep Rebecca within reach.

Placebo Effect
Rebecca’s ecstatic to hang with Josh and his crew, but good ‘ole workplace pal Paula points out this is an obvious trap by Valencia and that Rebecca needs to admit that this is about loving Josh and not about friendship (before everything blows up in her face). We know that she can’t do that because that would mean things aren’t what they seem. Nope, things are fine. So fine in fact, she decides to pull up in a giant party bus to the beach. Over the top and crazy?… No. Awesome! (At least that’s what Josh thinks) This was also a good way to keep Valencia hating.

The Big Pill
Oh yes, that dry “hard-to-swallow” big pill. Rebecca soon realizes she has no friends on the bus as Valencia, half naked, stays close to Josh. Greg invites Rebecca’s neighbor Heather, who he’s kind of been dating and Darryl, her boss who she only let on the bus as a personal distraction, hits it off with White Josh (part of the crew).

Crazy Ex-Girlfriend -- "I'm Going to the Beach With Josh and His Friends!" -- Image Number: CEG109b_0063.jpg -- Pictured (L-R): Gabrielle Ruiz as Valencia, Vincent Rodriguez III as Josh and Rachel Bloom as Rebecca -- Photo: Mike Yarish/The CW -- © 2015 The CW Network, LLC. All rights reserved.

So what’s the most logical thing for anyone to do when feeling lonely on a bus full of people? Strip Tease!

Rebecca decides to do a strip tease on the party bus pole, in which she does some amazing pole tricks, especially for a lawyer. Seriously. She was great…. and awkward….as put eloquently by White Josh “ I saw inside of her”.

And that was it! Valencia loses it and confronts Rebecca about her love for Josh.  In Rebecca’s defense she throws out the fact that she hooked up with Greg so she can’t be in love with Josh…right (?). Josh, distraught by this information, wonders why he never knew about Greg and Rebecca’s hook up (jealous much?). Everyone begins to argue and the s***t has hit the fan (as Paula predicted).

Rebecca is then confronted by Valencia as to why she is really in West Covina. Backed into a corner, with her boss sitting right there, her lie about her GREAT job opportunity wasn’t flying anymore. So she makes it simple – she moved to West Covina for happiness. Everyone on the bus gives her the crazy eye (because after all she is a crazy liar who forced herself into her life), and exits the bus, except Josh. Josh actually understands and they share a song (West Covina reprise, anyone?)… and almost a kiss (really he was just reaching for his sweater).

Waiting outside the party bus from hell, Paula is there to comfort Rebecca. Rebecca, overwhelmed with the disaster that was the bus, tells Paula what went down and how Josh was so understanding, so nice, and so perfect. Then it happens…. the biggest pill to swallow yet…Rebecca admits to Paula she is in love with Josh Chan. #finally.

Now that the words have actually been uttered allowed, will Rebecca actually pursue Josh and try and steal him from Valencia? I mean that would be crazy right… I guess we shall see next Monday at 8:00pm, what our heroine has to swallow next.


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