Atlanta Film Festival

Photo by Mike McKinney

This Saturday night, Nov. 7th,  a party that music lovers and foodies will want to attend is happening! The first annual Doughty Voodoo Gala will be taking place as a fundraiser for the Atlanta Film Festival.

Food will be provided by some of best Atlanta has to offer including Pallookaville, Queen of Cream, West Egg Café, The General Muir, PULL Espresso,  Sweet Auburn BBQ and PeachDish.

They join local artists Ben Carson, Champagne Mirrors, TWINS, The Night Shift, and St. Pickett at Batdorf & Bronson’s Coffee Roastery this Saturday night from 7 pm until 12 am.

The Doughty Voodoo Gala is an independent event that seeks to raise money for the Atlanta Film Festivals “40K in 40 Days” Kickstarter campaign. The 40-day campaign kicks off Friday, November 6th, and will serve to raise $40,000 to bring filmmakers to the 40th Atlanta Film Festival, April 1st-10th, 2016.

Your $10 donation means General Admission to the show: four live music acts, the silent screening, and projectionist exhibit. Snack tickets will be available for purchase. A $50 donation earns an All-Access Wristband; these guests will receive the entire experience and more including free snacks and a secret Batdorf & Bronson souvenir.

Limited Edition DVG T-shirts hand-designed by Camilo Herrera Matiz will be available for a $15 donation!

For more information go to the Doughty Voodoo Gala Facebook page.

Tickets can be purchased here

Doughty Voodoo Gala

Photo courtesy of Doughty Voodoo Gala


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