The Peanuts Movie

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There is a new take on the classic Peanuts comic strip. A new girl is attending Charlie Brown’s school, and Charlie tries to figure a way to get the courage to talk to her. Meanwhile, Snoopy is embarking on his most dangerous mission: flying his doghouse in World War I. I got to interview three of the cast members of “The Peanuts Movie;” Noah Schnapp, who plays Charlie Brown, Hadley Belle Miller who plays Lucy and Francesca Capaldi who plays The Little Red-Haired Girl.

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Can you guys talk about how you prepared for your roles in the film?

Hadley Bell Miller (Lucy): Well, for Lucy I just listened to Peanuts specials and some of the songs, not because I sing in the movie but just because I like to. I read some of the comic strips. We had this big book of the strips from 1952 to 1956. I think we all had the same book.

Francesca Capaldi (Little Red-Haired Girl): It was kind of hard for me to prepare because the Little Red-Haired Girl has never spoken before. She’s never had a voice, so I could base it off of anything. So I got with Steve Martino, the director of the film and we worked it out that I would use my natural voice.

Noah Schnapp (Charlie Brown): I watch a lot of the specials, including “It’s the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown,” which I watched five times. I read the comic strip book that Hadley was talking about. It was so good. So I did a lot of preparing and then used just my normal voice.

The Peanuts Movie

Photo courtesy of 20th Century Fox

So what was your favorite part about getting to voice these iconic characters?

Hadley: Well, I loved getting to be a little sassy because if I do that at home I would get into a lot of trouble. So, that was my favorite part. Also, getting to go on this press tour and working with Steve Martino.

Francesca: For me it was getting to be the first voice of the Little Red-Haired Girl.

Noah: I think everything was amazing, there isn’t a part that I didn’t like. The press tour has been awesome. We’ve gone around the country. I loved working with Steve Martino because he was so helpful and such an amazing director. And I got to go to Luke Skywalker Ranch!

The Peanuts Movie

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Noah, what was it like playing such an iconic character like Charlie Brown?

Noah: Before we started recording for the film, I was a bit nervous to play such a well-known character, but once I got into it, I learned to be myself and have fun doing it. We haven’t seen the movie in 3-D yet, so I can’t wait to see it in 3-D.

You guys have seen the movie, just not in 3-D, right?

Hadley: Yeah, it’s already great now but when we see it in 3-D it’s going to be great.

Noah: It’s going to be incredible.

What was your favorite scene?

Francesca: My favorite scene is how it ends.

Noah: My favorite scene is where Charlie Brown has been trying to build up his courage to talk to the Little Red-Haired Girl, and he finally gets to talk to her.

Hadley: My favorite scene is when Lucy pulls the football away before Charlie Brown can kick it. We got to do that today, and it was fun. Noah ran for it, and I pulled it away!

The Peanuts Movie

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What do you want kids to get from this movie?

Francesca: I want kids to dream big. I think that’s one of the big messages of the movie. And to work hard if you really want something.

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Hadley: To dream big and be yourself.

Noah: I think we all agree that to dream big because that’s the big point of the movie. But I also think it’s important to never give up because Charlie Brown never gives up and that’s what it takes to be successful.

The Peanuts Movie

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What was your first reaction when you saw these characters with your voices?

Hadley: It was weird because it was me talking, but it was also Lucy talking up on the screen. It would be more natural if I looked like my character like Francesca does.

Francesca: Yeah, it is weird but at the same time it’s awesome. Like Hadley said, it’s not as much as a shocker for me because I look like my character.

Noah: It’s a little awkward to see your voice on a whole different person. But it’s awesome to hear yourself on the movie theatre’s big speakers. So, it’s amazing but it’s weird too.

The Peanuts Movie

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What it’s like recording your lines for an animated movie? When you make a movie or TV show, you are usually interacting with other actors but in this case, you are alone in a recording booth. What is that like?

Noah: I thought it would be different because I thought we would all be in one big booth, all talking to each other. Instead, you go into the booth alone with just the director, and he is all the other characters in the film, reading their lines. But it’s amazing because when you watch the movie it looks like we were all there together.

Hadley: Yeah, it’s not like I thought it would be. But it makes sense because Noah lives in snowy New York and Francesca and I live in sunny California.

The Peanuts Movie

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Before doing the movie, did you have a favorite Peanuts character?

Hadley: My favorite is probably Sally because when I was younger I played her on stage in “You’re a Good Man Charlie Brown.” She is super sweet and perky.

Francesca: It’s hard to pick. I love Snoopy, but I also love Woodstock because he is so cute and tiny. And he has all those tiny things, like the snowblower where he is going around his nest with. The way he talks is just so adorable to me.

Noah: I think all the characters are cool in their own ways, but I have to go with Snoopy. He is Charlie Brown’s best friend. He’s like Woodstock; he is just so adorable with everything he does. He started out in the comic strip as just a cute little dog walking around on all fours. Now he is like a wise guy, walking around on two legs. It’s crazy how much he changed from the early years of the comic.

Hadley: There was this great timeline on the wall at the Charles Shultz Museum, showing you how Snoopy has changed through the years. He goes from looking like a normal dog on four legs and ends up with Snoopy on the moon.

Thanks for talking to us and good luck with the film.

The Peanuts Movie opens up nationwide on Friday, Nov. 6th.

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