Time for a monthly hat tip to our favorite CW #Instastyle’s! We’re talking full on photo envy of those stars that share eye-catching fashion and lifestyles you can’t shake. Is it the “Arrow,” “Jane the Virgin” or “TVD” cast photos you’re scrolling through hourly/daily for your style fix? (coffee breaks totally count)

Whoever it is, we get it. Their #Instastyle should be recognized. That’s where our monthly shout-out comes into play. Plus, it’s an easy excuse for us to over indulge in the cuteness.

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Here are a few all-stars that have our attention this month. Tell us which CW star has you double tapping like crazy!


Gina Rodriguez

 Can’t get enough of her sense of style (jewelry, clothes to art).

Phoebe Tonkin

 This vamps October feels is adorable.

Rose McIver

 Casual chic is winning our hearts.

Katie Cassidy & Danielle Panabaker

 Girl power is BEAUTIFUL.

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Kat Graham

 Black and white photos never looked so classy.


Ian Somerhalder

 Every angle of Somerhalder is drop dead gorgeous.

Grant Gustin

 We’d take on the city Gustin’s way any day. 

Justin Baldoni

 Family is where the heart is.

Paul Wesley

 That smirk is double tap worthy.

Stephen Amell

 If fall means Stephen Amell in hats, then we’re ready. Swoon.

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Which CW #Instastyle are you wanting instant every day?