Dragon Con 2015

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Over Labor Day weekend at Dragon Con I attended a press conference for ” The Flash’s” favorite scientist, Danielle Panabaker. Danielle plays Caitlin Snow, a scientist who works at Star Labs and helps the Flash on his missions. “The Flash” airs Tuesdays at 8 pm on Atlanta’s CW.

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Danielle Panabaker:  You guys want to hear something crazy. They just wrapped on set for the night (it’s 9 am).  They worked all through the night.  I just got my call sheet for Tuesday.  I am so glad that I didn’t have to go to work.

Welcome to Dragon Con!

Danielle: Thanks, do you think people will be dressed like my character?


Danielle:  People have mentioned that at other conventions. Some have asked how to dress like Caitlin. I tell them it’s so easy. It’s a pencil skirt and a blue top. Throw some heels on and you are good to go.

Since there have been so many changes at the end of the season with your character. With Dr. Wells leaving the team, Cisco is possibly discovering some powers and Iris joining the team, how do you think that is going to affect the team and its harmony?

Danielle:  You know what I think is good about the show is that there is an inherent chemistry between us all, which is nice. So I think that will stick. Obviously some time will have passed between seasons one’s finale and the season two premiere. That will give the characters time to deal with all the changes.

The Flash -- "The Man Who Saved Central City"

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It will be interesting to see how the team deals without Dr. Harrison Wells in the season premier.

Danielle:  The season premiere will address some stuff from last season’s finale. It’s not like there’s a title card that says “Six months later.” We will deal with everything that has gone on.  And Tom is still on our show.

Do you hang out with the Arrow cast and crew a lot?

Danielle:  I would love to. Katie Cassidy is a dear friend of mine. But our schools are pretty consuming. Friday was my day off, but I still worked the night before till 2 am. So it’s not like I can ask “Hey guys, who’s up? Who wants to grab a drink?”  And Arrows hours are worse than ours. I would like to, and there are plans to, but it’s also harder for me to do that because I go home to L.A. on weekends. But I am always desperate to find a workout, buddy.

Little kids seem to be big fans of the show.  What responsibility do you feel portraying such a successful doctor? And what are your feelings on Caitlin inspiring young girls to go into the medical field?

Danielle:  I think it’s amazing. One of my favorite things to hear from fans is when they say that they watch the show as a family. I love that families watch it together and that kids can relate to Caitlin and inspire them. I was a total nerd growing up. I spent way too much time in math class.  So it’s nice to have a character like Caitlin out there that is successful and has a great job.

Dragon Con 2015

Photo courtesy of Mike McKinney

The character Patty Spivot, played by Shantel VanSanten, will be introduced to the show in season two.  Because that character is really into science will we see Caitlin and Patty interact?

Danielle:  I would love that!  Shantel is amazing. We are lucky that the two big additions to our cast are Shantel and Teddy Sears, who will play Jay Garrick. The both are so wonderful, and they make it feel that they truly belong on our show. I remember hearing Jesse L. Martin telling Teddy “You fit here. It’s a perfect fit.”   Shantel and I haven’t worked together yet as of episode six but my understanding is that will change, and I am looking forward to it.  I don’t know under what context that will be. Hopefully, her character will come to Star Labs, and we can be two girls hanging out. Caitlin needs a girlfriend!

Are you hoping that Caitlin gets out of the lab more?

Danielle:  Always!  Two of my favorite episodes from last season were the karaoke episode and the “Nuclear Man” episode where everything happens with Ronnie and Firestorm.  It’s fun to see Caitlin out of the lab.  Of course, I want her out of the lab more. I wish I was in charge of these things!

What can you tell us about Killer Frost?

Danielle:  No one is more excited for Caitlin to become Killer Frost than I am. Unfortunately, I don’t know when that will happen. Sometimes it hard because the writers will tell you what is going to happen and scripts evolve. I mean sometimes we shoot stuff that doesn’t make it into the show. In fact, our season finale’s first cut was over 20 minutes long. There was over 20 minutes of stuff that they cut out. Some of it was just little things like Caitlin asking Barry for him to get her wedding dress. So I don’t know when it’s going to happen but I want Caitlin to turn into Killer Frost very, very badly. But, unfortunately, I don’t know if it’s going to happen anytime soon.

The Flash -- "The Man Who Saved Central City"

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What were your expectations when you first joined the show and how has that changed after the success of the show?

Danielle: I don’t know if I had very many expectations when I joined the show because I am new to this whole comic book world. I didn’t know The Flash. It’s been fun to explore it, and it’s been nice to read some of the comics and see how our show is respectful of the comics, but we do put our own twist to it. I am very excited about Dr. Lake coming to the storyline. It’s nice not having any expectations, there is no way to be let down.

What was your audition process like?

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Danielle:  It was so fast. I had been in New York, and I flew back on a Monday night, and by Friday I had the role. It was incredibly fast. I have known Greg Berlanti for years and was obsessed with “Everwood.” It was one of my favorite shows when I was younger. I had an opportunity to be on Everwood and then couldn’t due to scheduling and I cried over that. So obliviously Greg’s name had stuck in my head, and he does such amazing work that it was exciting to get the opportunity to work with him.

Dragon Con 2015

Photo courtesy of Mike McKinney

When you appeared on that episode of “Arrow,” were you already signed for “The Flash” or was it supposed to be a one and done?

Danielle:  I signed on to do the pilot and then they asked if Carlos and I would do an episode of “Arrow” as well. So we knew that we were going to do the pilot, and it was just an added bonus that we got to do “Arrow.””

Is there any concern with the introduction of time travel and “Golden Age Flash” that the show might get a little too confusing?

Danielle:  Because I am not familiar with that comic book world, I sometimes have to have them sit me down and explain it to me. One of the creators of the show, Andrew Kreisberg, was on set this past week, and I asked him to slow it down and explain what was going on to me. I think they were pretty ambitious with the storylines last year that they took on. I mean, who would have thought that they would take on “Reverse Flash” in the first season? And I think that turned out all right. Hopefully, it will be similar this year. They are not afraid of taking on big storylines. I love that they are so ambitious. I think it inspires the writers to work harder and pull it off. I don’t know if they are concerned.

The Flash -- "The Man Who Saved Central City"

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Do you have a favorite villain from the past season?

Danielle:  I have lots of favorite villains. I loved Captain Cold. I think he is great. I liked the Weather Wizard. It’s so much fun. I know they have plans to bring some of the villains back. I am lucky to be on this show.  I mean, Mark Hamill wants to be on the show.  We have gotten lucky with the people that have come on board, and you will be seeing some familiar villains in season two.

What are some of the hardest thing about your job?

Danielle: The hardest thing to do sometimes is to keep a straight face. We do have such a good report and have a lot of fun on the set. Having Victor Garber on set is the absolutely best.   I am always thinking I can’t believe he is here. He is so awesome and fun. He is the best.

Everyone on the cast seems to be a triple threat as far as talent. Do you think they are seriously looking at “Flash the Musical?”

Danielle:  I am the worst person to ask because I am not a triple threat. I am a triple threating if you have me sing on the show. I don’t know. My hope is that they will incorporate it in more organic ways. I would love to see Jessie and Grant singing in the car. That would be cool.

The Flash -- "The Man Who Saved Central City"

Photo courtesy of CW Network

Dr. Wells was a mentor to Cisco and Caitlin, and they depended on him in a lot of situations.  Then Dr. Martin Stein came into play.  Will we continue to see Dr. Stein involved with Cisco and Caitlin?

Danielle:  Yes, you will see more of Dr. Stein. In episode four I get to work a lot with Victor, which was so nice. He will be around for a little while till “Legends of Tomorrow” starts up.

Will you be involved with “Legends of Tomorrow”?

Danielle:  I would love to. It’s going to be interesting to see how they incorporate the schedule, with everyone working together on crossovers. They have huge plans for “Legends.”  And it’s so many characters. I mean, with Caitlin tied to Firestorm and Captain Cold and Heatwave originating on Flash. It would be great to go over to do it.

Dragon Con 2015

Photo courtesy of Mike McKinney

Did you know from the start that Dr. Wells was going to be the Reverse Flash?

Danielle:  I believe I knew from the start that he was the Reverse Flash.  I don’t think I knew at the start that he was going to be a villain. It was fun to watch Tom’s performance, especially early on in the season. You want to take his character at face value but the more you see Tom work, the more layers you saw in his performance.

Since you have similar powers are you hoping that Killer Frost teams up with Captain Cold?

Danielle:  I think that would be great. That would be so much fun. There maybe a little “Stockholm syndrome” going on there.

Thank you so much.

Danielle:  Thank you.

“The Flash” airs Tuessdays at 8 pm on Atlanta’s CW.

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