Werner Herzog is one of the greatest film directors of the modern age. He has directed both narrative dramas and documentaries. Most of his dramas starred the amazing Klaus Kinski, who he worked with over a 15-year period. The Landmark Midtown Art Cinema is celebrating Werner Herzog with a 5-week retrospective, showing a Herzog film every Tuesday night at 7 pm, starting May 12th. Each film will have an intro, and there will be a Q&A following the film.

Here is the Wener Herzog Retrospective lineup:


Tuesday, May 12th

7:00 pm

Aguirre: The Wrath of God

Photo courtesy of Landmark Theatres

“Aguirre; The Wrath of God” (1972)

Considered one of Herzog’s best films, “Aguirre” was the first film that Herzog and Kinski made together. It tells the story of Spanish soldier Lope de Aguirre (Klaus Kinski), who leads a group of soldiers into the Amazon jungle in a search for the legendary city of gold, El Dorado. The film was shot entirely on location and Herzog and Kinski drove each other mad as the feuded on set.



Tuesday, May 19th

7:00 pm


Photo courtesy of Landmark Theatres

“Fitzcarraldo” (1982)

Brian Sweeney “Fitzcarraldo” Fitzgerald (Klaus Kinski) Is an Irishman, who is determined to transport a steamship through treacherous waters in the jungles of Peru. His plan into use the ship to transport rubber plants and become rich. His ultimate goal is to build an Opera House. Kinski was cast in the lead role after a number of other actors dropped out. Everything you see on screen was shot on location; there were no special effects involved. Herzog did what many people considered impossible, transporting a 320-ton steamship over a hill in the jungle.



Tuesday, May 26th

7:00 pm

Scream of Stone

Photo courtesy of Landmark Theatres

“Scream of Stone” (1991)

This is a rarely seen Herzog film. Two famous climbers (Vittorio Mezzogiorno, Stefan Glowacz) make a bet on who can get to the top of one of the most dangerous mountains in Argentina. The men are willing to do just about anything to win. The film was shot on a famous Argentine mountain, Cerro Torre, with several scenes having been shot near the summit.



Tuesday, June 2

7:00 pm

My Best Fiend

Photo courtesy of Landmark Theatres

“My Best Fiend” (1999)

Herzog made this documentary about his working relationship with Klaus Kinski, someone who he had a love/hate relationship with. Herzog wanted to show the world his appreciation for the late actor though he does admit to treating to shoot Kinski if he left their set of “Aguirre.”



Tuesday, June 9

7:00 pm


Photo courtesy of Landmark Theatres

“Nosferatu The Vampire” (1979)

Herzog conceived this film as a stylistic remake of the 1922 silent German film “Nosferatu.” One of the most successful films of Herzog’s career, tells the story of Count Dracula (Klaus Kinski), who fixates on a young woman named Lucy (Isabelle Adjani). Kinski’s makeup and costume were inspired by the original silent film.

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