Long live fashion blogs! “Reign” actress Adelaide Kane will declare her own fashion spotlight come May 2015.

Our CW Queen and her bestie stylist Kelsy Andrade will be launching their own fashion blog, Tell Me Mode, opening on May 1, 2015. We’ve been teased for months with Instagram posts, and now we can expect to indulge in “Kane style” in a mere matter of weeks.

“Arrow” star Katie Cassidy has already accomplished the fashion blog venture, but we can expect different styles between the two. Cassidy’s TomBoy KC is focused on chic and casual styles where Kane’s Tell Me Mode will possibly focus more on the edgy side. If you’re interested in what her fashion blog will house, follow @Tellmemode and enjoy their sneak peeks.


Until then, what do we do?

1. Follow @Tellmemode and @AdelaideKane on Instagram for upcoming fashion news.

2. Binge watch “Reign” (again) to surround yourself with those beautiful costumes. It’s instant inspiration. One can only hope Kane will incorporate these Queen styles she’s encompassed on a daily basis into her new fashion blog.

3. Watch an exclusive look behind the scenes with “Reign”‘s costumer designer Meredith Markworth-Pollack.


Are your fashion jitters jumping for Tell Me Mode? Share with us @ATLCW.


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