Oh, I KNOW I’ve got your attention now. Over the past few years, bacon has become a fad that will never grow old. Bacon has always been around, but the hipsters took hold of it and made maple bacon cupcakes. We thank them.

Everyone (including the hipsters) will be able to enjoy the beauty of the bacon at BaconFest this Saturday, March 28th. Happening at the Masquerade Music Park, BaconFest is bringing Atlanta over 2,250 lbs. There will be no treadmills. We just get to eat all of this bacon and not worry about anything else. I say, let’s go for it. The festival is brought to us by Dad’s Garage. There will be carnival games, improv fun (Dad’s Garage is amazing), plenty of cold beer, local bands, and of course, BACON. There’s even a contest to see who can eat the most bacon. I will pass on that.

Buy your tickets here!

Wendell Scott