Wine is a magic elixir. It’s hearty and filled with an adventure for your tastebuds. Want to give your tastebuds another shock? Head to Murphy’s Restaurant on Tuesday, March 10th for a (very reasonably priced) wine tasting.

This is perfect for those of us who want to bring classy back to St. Patrick’s Day. Well, what are we tasting? White Burgundy, of course. It’s a very pure form of Chardonnay that is an absolute treasure to have in your wine stash. However, White Burgundies can differ in taste. From levels of ripeness to the amount of oak used, White Burgundy is a wine that will surely be worth the taste.

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And here’s the best part for me: It’s only $20! This is an awesome price for a very prestigious white wine.

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For more information about Murphy’s or the tasting on Tuesday, check out their site!


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Wendell Scott