I’m not going to lie…I still play with some of my toys from my (now distant) childhood. My mother bought me a glass tic-tac-toe board with frosted glass pieces. What is an eight-year-old going to do with that? Well, maybe the guys and gals at the 15th Annual JoeLanta and the Great Atlanta Toy Convention can tell us! From March 13th-15th, the Marriott Atlanta Century Center will be filled with all kinds of toys, their creators, and the creativity behind some of the greatest creations you’ve ever seen.

There will be hourly panels, you can wear your best cosplay, special guests (including the creator of Gi Joe), contests, and live music!

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Aside from all of that fun, you’ll have 200 tables of fun toys and pop culture collectibles.

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To join in on the fun, check our their site for more information!


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Wendell Scott