Let me guess… you woke up this morning and your Facebook/Twitter/Instagram feeds were filled with: What color is this dress? White and gold, or blue and black?

Screen Shot 2015-02-27 at 9.54.18 AM

Courtesy: Swiked/Tumblr


People are debating over what color dress they see on the Internet. According to PEOPLE, this photo was taken by a girl who snapped this questionable dress on a 1997 Nokia camera phone and posted it to Tumblr. Do you see the dress as white and gold or blue and black? That’s all. It’s just a MAJOR debate on colors that broke the internet.

Personally, I adore any kind of fashion debacle. The world turned into fashion police over night — pretty significant and something never to forget.

Here’s what a few CW stars have to say about #TheDress:

So… what color dress do you see or what are your thoughts on #TheDress debate? Share with us @ATLCW!


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