If you haven’t heard already, we’re getting Google Fiber! Yay! What does that mean? Nine cities within the metro area, including Atlanta, Avondale Estates, Brookhaven, College Park, Decatur, East Point, Hapeville, Sandy Springs and Smyrna will have this amazing service. Google Fiber is an Internet/TV service that will give us Internet speeds up to one gigabit per second and hundreds of HDTV channels! Not to mention, it’s also good on the wallet. I’ve compiled a list of six things that Google Fiber will make even better once you get it:

1. Surfing Netflix for an hour to actually stream a Netflix movie will be a cinch. 

  • We know how long it takes to find something to watch with your “bae” on a Friday night. I cry because there are so many choices on Netflix. But, imagine how we’ll feel once we finally choose something using Google Fiber. Beach Party will stream so quickly without any lag, we won’t even get a chance to juke and jive (two totally different time periods, I know).
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2. Getting BuzzFeed quiz results so quickly we’ll be tempted to take it again.

  • What Shade of Grey are You? Are You a Pastry or a Seafood Delicacy? I submitted those ideas and didn’t hear back from them, but I love BuzzFeed and their great quizzes. Listen, when I’m waiting thirty seconds to see my results because my Internet is slower than Christmas morning, I get frustrated though. Faster quiz results…the faster I know whether or not I am Gothic Arch Grey.

3. You’ll get our live-tweets faster during our shows.

  • Do you follow us on Twitter (@ATLCW)? Shame, if you don’t. You’re missing out. Twitter is already up-to-the-minute updates in 140 characters, but our Twitter is so much fun. Google Fiber just gets us to you faster. (Hint: You should pay special attention when we’re live-tweeting Jane the Virgin and The 100…that’s when we have the most fun).

4. OKCupid will no longer be just…OK.

  • We love online dating. Admit it, it’s 2015. There are tons of relationships and marriages that have spawned from online dating, and it’s here to stay! Even with Google Fiber, filling out a profile will probably feel the same, and so will those forced “Hey, how ya doing?” phrases too. But, hey, you can swipe left or swipe right with confidence that your Internet connection will never go out during such critical decision-making.
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5. Finally update your MySpace page without worry.

  • Don’t lie, we know you still have one.

6. Watch your favorite CW shows on TV or on our App!

  • You need to catch up on The Flash or watch the latest episode of Mike and Molly? We’ve got your back. Download our mobile app with ease or just watch! Either way, Google Fiber makes it so much easier.

#FiberIsComing. Get ready.

Wendell Scott

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