Trying to fit in some workouts before Valentine’s Day weekend? I’m only doing it so I can enjoy myself on the day after Valentine’s Day. Bags of chocolates for me!

If you’re looking to work out with great beats, join Cyc Fitness at Lenox Mall next Thursday! “Cyc Loves Atlanta” apparently, so they’re giving you two free rides with Cyc Method Founder Keoni Hudoba. Oh, and the beats you’ll be jamming to while riding? It will be all Atlanta-based music! How awesome! Aside from music, you’ll also have some great pop-ups from Kendra Scott, Corso Coffee, DEKA and Homemade with Love! Goodness, I just put on my athletic shoes…just to take out the trash. Don’t get too excited.

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Check out their site to book your 5:30pm or 6:30pm ride!

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Have fun!

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Wendell Scott