Imagine…winning a video game…but, instead of a generic roll of credits…you get over $1.2 million.

Did I sound epic enough through my writing? Okay, good.

The SMITE World Championship is  making its way to the Cobb Performing Arts Centre from January 9th-11th. Three days of non-stop video game action as players compete to become the next SMITE World Champion. 8 SMITE teams will start out on Friday, and the best of 5 will go to the grand competition on Sunday. If this is too intense for you (and me), you can just be a spectator. Come sit with me as we watch these amazing people FIGHT FOR BLOOD…..okay, maybe not blood…maybe the see-through X Box One controller.

Oh, and something else they’re fighting for? $1.2 million! Yes. Actually, that amount could be inaccurate now because it keeps growing and growing every second. This is one of the biggest gaming events in history, and we’ve got it right here in Atlanta.

Be a part of it! Want to know more? Check it out!


Wendell Scott


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