I’ve been hearing a lot about do-it-yourself coding, and how it’s sweeping the nation. But what if you could design and “code” your own creation with the help of Google? And, what if that design showed up at the White House guaranteed?

Yep, this is a thing. Google is offering girls the chance to design and “code” the illuminating lights on the Georgia state tree in President’s Park, the home of the White House. While this project is directed at girls, anyone can participate in this project. I just did it, and my creation was splendid. If you’re in President’s Park, my design will be on display at 4:37PM on December 12th!

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You have until January 1st to submit your design and code for your state tree. The instructions are incredibly easy, and can be found here. Once you complete your design, you’re given a specific time and date in which it will be illuminated on your state tree in President’s Park! That is so awesome!

This fun challenge is part of Google’s Made with Code program, which strives to encourage the learning of introductory coding and computer science!

Now, if you can’t fly to the White House to see your tree, totally understandable. I would give you my ticket, but alas, I do not have one either. Click here to see your tree illuminate via livestream!

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