Nobody puts baby in a corner…nor me.

I experienced the beauty that is Dirty Dancing last week, and I am so happy to tell you that I fell in love. I’ve never seen the film before. I know, I know…get it out. Save your insults.

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This live production of the 1987 classic held its own from beginning to end. Of course, you’d expect the entire cast to feel some sense of pressure to recreate all of the beloved characters and situations you know and love…but they weren’t afraid. I loved that. They not only brought characters to life, but simply made them their own. That’s what acting is all about…at least, that’s what I’ve heard.

The true stars of the production were the set design and costumes. They were utterly flawless. I would give anything to wear a polka-dot dress while doing calisthenics on the lawn. My goodness. This was the first production that I’ve seen this year that properly used a mix of digital presentation, mimed situations, and physical set pieces all together. Absolutely amazing..

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Patrick Swayze was a beautiful Johnny Castle (amirightladies??), but Samuel Pergande and Jillian Mueller (“Baby”) were my first Dirty Dancing couple, and I am more than satisfied with them. Their on-stage chemistry and dynamic personalities off stage just made me love them even more.

Overall, Dirty Dancing is a must-see. If you missed it, I am sad for you. If you saw it, you probably heard me having an emotional meltdown and heart palpitations in the theatre…for obvious reasons…


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Wendell Scott