One gem of Atlanta is the Atlanta Symphony Orchestra. The concerts they put on NEVER disappoint. They’ve got one one on November 30th that I think you’d enjoy a lot actually. They’re calling it their Sci-Fi Spectacular. You know how much you love Science Fiction films. The brightness of light sabers in Star Wars, or the wrinkles of E.T. are all just things we can’t forget.

Conductor Jack Everly conducts the beautiful ASO, teamed with an all-star cast to bring you those amazing film scores that we all know and love. You’ll hear music from Star Wars, E.T., Close Encounters of the Third King, and more! It’s going to be awesome. I’ll be there, so I can tell you how out of this world it was if you can’t go. But you should be there so I can avoid using scientific puns again.

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Wendell Scott

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