Have you ever dreamed of a running Santa Claus? His happy little jowls just flopping in the wind? Well, now that fantasy can sort of come to life with Variety’s 2nd Annual Santa Fun Run. Variety is an amazing children’s charity that is all about raising money for sick, disadvantaged and special needs children.
Here’s what you get for participating in this run: For $25 (if you register early), or $35 (registering the day of the event) you’ll put on the official Variety Santa suit and run off those cookies! Okay, you don’t have to run. You can walk, skip or hop. I would personally love to see you skip in a Santa suit. That would make my life worth everything. The run is on Sunday, November 30th from 8:00AM-10:00AM.
For more information about the event or Variety of Georgia, check out their site!
Wendell Scott