Not really digging the cold breezes? Correction. Not really digging your fall/winter clothes? I wasn’t either until I saw how cute our CW stars make “staying warm” look.  These winter outfits, coats and accessories that Phoebe Tonkin, Grant Gustin and Gina Rodriguez are wearing have definitely inspired me to revamp my warm wardrobe.

Its time to fall in love with cold weather. Scroll below to layer up in these CW cozy looks!

Phoebe Tonkin: That scarf!!!

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Grant Gustin: Warm, warm, warm my heart.

Danielle Campbell: Snow Stylin’!

Gina Rodriguez: Hello, cozy hat.

Katie Cassidy: Warm game gear.

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Nina Dobrev understands if you need a whole lot of inspiration. She knows how to stay warm. 😉


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Cozy for cold now?